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Live Blog: Occupy Movement’s May Day Actions – Evening Edition

12:00 AM ET Thanks for following Firedoglake’s coverage of May Day. Here’s a Twitter list you can follow if you want to track any additional evening action. This blog is now closed for the night.

11:55 PM ET Occupy PDX protesters scuffle with police in Portland, Oregon while a foreclosed home is reclaimed…Three arrested during Occupy Miami protest…Despite all the focus on band of black bloc that damaged windows in Seattle, immigration march ends peacefully.

11:45 PM ET Follow @Susie_C for latest on the dispersal of Occupy Oakland by police. Squads attempted “snatch and grab” arrests of many occupiers. People took off running. Helicopters with search lights followed protesters. Legal observers say dispersal orders not legal because not enough time given for people to leave.

11:40 PM ET Occupy Oakland is now being attacked by Oakland police who are firing smoke bombs. @PixPlz is livestreaming.

11:15 PM ET And here’s another angle of the police violence that NYPD engaged in against Occupy Wall Street after ordering them to disperse from Veterans Plaza:

11:12 PM ET Occupy Oakland update: Sheriff has an M-4 assault rifle and tells older woman to step away from him (via @Susie_C)

11:11 PM ET Here’s a highlight from Tim Pool’s livestream that shows the brawl NYPD got into with Occupy protesters.

10:30 PM ET Police brutality: NYPD white shirts, riot cops quickly moved to clear an area. Suddenly, a bunch of protesters were grabbed. Officers started beating a protester in the leg with a steel baton. It was chaos and looked like an all-out brawl

Reports of a handful arrests after this scene.

10:20 PM ET Park was cleared. Now, hundred or so Occupy Wall Street protesters are out on sidewalk and possibly in street. Police are surrounding people. It is the kind of situation right now that can get ugly fast. The group is being told they are blocking vehicular traffic but they are being blocked in and they cannot go anywhere.

10:10 PM ET Cops are all over. They have a huge force moving on Veterans Plaza. Dispersal order was given five or six times. Number of people remaining in the park unknown, but this much is clear:

10:00 PM ET Reports that police are preparing for arrests. Hundreds are still assembling. There are about as many police as there were night of raid on Zuccotti Park. Only 30 or so arrests of Occupy Wall Street so far. That is surely about to change.

9:35 PM ET Occupy Wall Street is planning a new occupation at 55 Water Place between JPMorganChase and S&P. The park closes at 10 pm though. In about a half hour, there will be a mass arrest or people will be ordered to disperse, many will leave and a few will be loaded into police vans that are waiting nearby.

9:20 PM ET This is what Union Square in New York looked like a few hours ago.

9:19 PM ET Reuters initially called Occupy “resurgence” a “dud.” But, it seems they came to their senses, looked at video and pictures and decided today’s action wasn’t.

9:12 PM ET Someone or some people are congratulating Seattle for acts of vandalism today, which is concerning.

9:08 PM ET Portland police in standoff with Occupy PDX protesters – photo

9:05 PM ET Oakland police using new “snatch and grab tactics”?

8:55 PM ET “SF Commune” – the building Occupy SF decided to occupy – about to be raided. PunkBoyinSF has a livestream of it here.

8:50 PM ET Occupy Wall Street has large People’s Assembly at 55 Water St (via Paul Weiskel)


8:45 PM ET On Occupy SF’s action: riot police are now in standoff with protesters. (via Joshua Holland)


8:35 PM ET Joshua Stearns of Free Press has a collection of photos & tweets on incidents of press suppression from today’s actions. Both protesters and police have been violating freedom of the press.

8:20 PM ET Nick Pinto reports that at Occupy Wall Street action police lunge into crowd of peaceful protesters, grab two women for arrest and throw others to ground as they go after the women.

Original Post

All day, Firedoglake has been posting updates on the Occupy movement’s May Day actions. The actions continue to unfold, even on the East coast as a massive Occupy Wall Street march gathers near Wall Street and faces off with police, who may arrest them for “rallying” because they do not have a permit to do that. They had a permit for a march.

To catch up on action that occurred during the last few hours, here is Dustin Slaughter’s live blog of action between 4-8 pm EST. Now, updates on May Day continue here and will be posted until at least midnight EST.




Previous updates

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn issues emergency order after windows are damaged. The order grants police the authority to have any objects that could be used as weapons confiscated or seized from protesters.

At least 30-40 people arrested in Occupy Wall Street protests. Here’s livestream of action right now.

Occupy SF has a new building they are occupying, which they are again dubbing the “SF Commune”

-Los Angeles Airport (LAX) faces protest. Planned arrests happen delaying traffic around the airport. But, the airport is not shut down.

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