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“Family” Group Lauds Marriage For Protecting Children From Violence, Yet Works to Bar Children With Gay Parents From Enjoying That Benefit

Among opponents of civil marriage equality, anti-gay animus always trumps concern for the welfare of children. The latest example is provided by Family Policy Institute of Washington.

On the one hand, FPIW is promoting the Heritage Foundation article “Marriage Protects Women and Children from Violence”, calling it “A good article on one often overlooked benefit of marriage.”

On the other hand, FPIW is playing a key role in National Organization for Marriage’s Referendum 74 effort to repeal Washington’s marriage equality law.

In working to bar same-sex couples from access to civil marriage, FPIW and NOM are punishing children who happen to have gay or lesbian parents by barring those parents from access to civil marriage and the security and stability that it provides.

Only anti-gay animus could prompt FPIW and NOM to make the heinous decision to prioritize marriage discrimination over reducing children’s vulnerability to violence.

* National Organization for Marriage Denies the Existence of Same-Sex Families in Minnesota
* “Family” group sacrifices child security on the altar of anti-gay animus

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer