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May Day 2012 at Firedoglake

Tomorrow is May Day, and Occupy groups have spent months planning a general strike. Organizers are calling on people everywhere to show solidarity by abstaining from commerce, staying home from school and work, avoiding the bank, and other activities as part of a ‘day without the 99%.’

As one of the only outlets to have continuously reported on OWS since Day 1, we’re proud, excited and a little bit anxious for tomorrow, and we will have ongoing coverage of May Day events. I just wanted to take a moment and preview some of what we will be doing tomorrow:

Kevin Gosztola will be joined at the Dissenter by Dustin Slaughter- an independent journalist, political photographer, activist and founder of the David and Goliath Project, which celebrates and examines protest culture. Dustin has also been covering the Occupy movement since it began, and we’re excited to have him and Kevin doing our live blog throughout the day.

We’ve also teamed up with The Media Consortium as part of the Media for the 99% campaign, which seeks to confront the inaccurate portrayals and lack of depth and analysis in corporate media reporting on Occupy by pooling together the coverage of independent media outlets including Firedoglake, The Nation, Truthdig, Yes! Magazine, Mother Jones and others.

Media Consortium put together some really cool tools for May Day and we’re so happy to share them with you all on our May Day 2012 coverage page. They include:

Interactive Map that plots events, articles and arrests across the country.
Live Broadcasting featuring reports from around the U.S. and in-studio commentary.
Curated Social Media via Storify with breaking news from Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and more.

Head on over to our May Day 2012 page tomorrow for breaking news and updates on May Day activities from across the country.

Citizen Journalists: Planning on writing about May Day events here at myFDL? Tag your post “MAY DAY” or email it to me at and I’ll make sure it gets on our coverage page.

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Brian Sonenstein

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