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Join me (or, rather, follow me) for a one-day Twitter fundraiser to fight Amendment One

We are still in the heat of the fight, airing ads to educate voters about Amendment One’s harms. Today some of my online buddies are joining in as the clock ticks down to the May 8 vote. Early voting is under way and runs through May 5; on Twitter today we are doing a mini-fundraiser, offering to donate to Protect All NC Families from this morning until midnight for each new follower (my counter started at 10,115).

Also participating in this unique fundraiser: @adamjbink, @davidbadash, @dmcrawford, @joesudbay, @pamspaulding, @indiemcemopants, @tedeytan, @LizzWinstead, @clarknt67, @tlanehudson, @AndySzekeres, @kathyplate, @robynochs, @richferraro, @andekelley, @bilerico, @cooper888, @toddbeeton, @goodasyou, @KTravisBallie, @nathanhjb, @juliarosen, @denisdison, @notfakeandrew, @CourageCampaign, @davidhalldc, khj, @laurelramseyer, @pullenparkqueer, @allisonpalmer, @camerontolle, @alb68, @HRC, @TNEquality, @quietis, @rickjacobs, GetEQUAL, @waymonhudson, @chrismassicotte, @xavierla, @raylab, @tcmassie, @blabbeando … and many more.

Check out Storify to follow the who’s who today!

And from a North Carolinian whose family will be affected by Amendment One, I thank you all!


Follow me @pamspaulding!

UPDATE: It’s 10PM and I’ve already reached my goal of 100 new followers! Thank you all! Now add some of my colleagues above.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding