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We are all Fascists.

(I always had a feeling that the hippies were Nazis. and the Nazis were hippies…..)

German far-right extremists tap into green movement for support

By Kate Connolly, The Guardian
Sunday, April 29, 2012 8:23 EDT

German consumers are being warned that when they buy organic produce they may be supporting the far-right movement, following the revelation that rightwing extremists in Germany have embraced the ecological movement and are using it to tap into a new generation of supporters.

Debunking the popular view that equates eco-friendliness with cuddly,left-leaning greens, rightwing extremists have even begun to publish their own conservation magazine, which is believed to have the backing
of the far-right National Democratic party (NPD). Alongside gardening tips and reports on the dangers of genetically modified milk are articles riddled with rightwing ideology and racial slurs. Bavaria’s
domestic intelligence agency has described the magazine, Umwelt und Aktiv (Environment and Active), as a “camouflage publication” for the NPD.

“We have to get used to the fact that the term ‘bio’ [organic] does not automatically mean equality and human dignity,” said Gudrun Heinrich of the University of Rostock, who has just published a study on the topic called Brown Ecologists, a reference to the Nazi Brownshirts and their modern-day admirers.

The department of rural enlightenment in the state of Rheinland Pfalz has even produced a brochure called Nature Conservation versus Rightwing Extremism, which aims to help organic farmers resist the infiltration of fascists into their ranks and to be able to respond to any far-righters they might encounter. Its author, historian Nils Franke, said: “Because of the success of the eco topic in the wider society, the NPD has a heightened interest in wanting to fly the flag with it.”

Damn.  I had no idea that by growing my own organic food, and by buying organic food at the co-op, I have been unknowingly facilitating the neo-nazis.  Shit.  I must be a nazi too.

What have we learned today boys and girls?  That people that buy or grow “organic” food are nazis.  These people must be Nuremburged, stat!  We cannot allow Monsanto, Cargill, or the central banks to be threatened by these fucking dirty hippies.  Just buy your fucking poisonous groceries and shut the fuck up…or we’ll send you to the Hague.

I cannot stop laughing at the insanity of it all…………………………..

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