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Shock Jock to Dad of Lesbian Daughter: ‘You Should Get One of Your Friends to Screw Your Daughter Straight’

The rape of Lucretia (Titian)

Nice. In many countries we call advice like that “corrective rape.”

Corrective rape is the use of rape against women who violate social norms regarding human sexuality and gender roles, often lesbians but sometimes gay men, with a goal of punishment of abnormal behavior and reinforcement of societal norms. The crime was first identified in South Africa where it is sometimes supervised by members of the woman’s family or local community, and is a major contributor to HIV infection in South African lesbians. Corrective rape has also been known to occur in Thailand, Ecuador, Canada, the United States, and Zimbabwe. Corrective rape and the accompanying violence can result in physical and psychological trauma, mutilation, HIV infection, unwanted pregnancy, and may contribute to suicide.

Of course Dominic Dieter, one of the jocks on Cleveland’s WMMS 100.7 FM radio‘s “Rover’s Morning Glory,” a popular AM drive time show, probably doesn’t even give a rat’s @ss about the rank homophobia it represents. His wisdom was shared in response to an email from a listener who said he caught his teen daughter kissing another girl.

Let’s hope that Dieter hasn’t procreated — and plans not to. As Digby said: “I wouldn’t call that advice. I’d call it incitement to a criminal act. Encouraging a man to have one of his friends rape his daughter to stop her from being gay is so wrong on so many levels that I honestly can’t see how any decent person could excuse it.”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has called on WMMS to act on these disgusting and violence-provoking comments.

This is not okay. Not on any level, and not in any context. We trust that the majority of fair-minded Americans will agree. Make no mistake, if this young woman is, in fact, gay – or if she’s simply not interested in having sex with any of her father’s friends, then what Dieter is suggesting is rape.

“It was appalling and dangerous for this show to tell a father that he should have one of his friends rape his daughter” said Aaron McQuade, GLAAD’s Director of News & Field Media. “That’s essentially how Dieter responded to this listener, and this is no laughing matter in a world where people are too often the victims of violence and sexual assault based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation. And Dieter gave this vile advice to everyone who was listening, including educators, parents and children – sending the message that it’s okay to physically or sexually abuse people who are perceived to be gay.”

No one should be let off the hook for saying what Dieter said, especially media personalities who are often revered by their impressionable young listeners. Though Dieter’s castmates called him out for his remark, that’s not nearly enough. Because this remark is so severe, it is Dieter and WMMS/Clear Channel’s obligation to take responsbility [sic] for this awful mistake. To that end, GLAAD has reached out to Clear Channel executives and asked for Dieter to be suspended. We would also like a sincere apology, and for the show to devote a segment to speaking about the real harms that can come from parental rejection, even if they aren’t as repulsive as the method suggested on-air…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding