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Shorter Frank Luntz:

Conservatives are like this...

Shorter Jonah Goldberg:

..and liberals are all like this.

It took the combined brainpower of Luntz and Jonah to (feebly attempt to) make up for the WaPo’s allowing Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein to be mean to Republicans.

Luntz’s column reads like a mother explaining that her son has always been a good boy and there is no way he could have shot up that elementary school regardless of the fact that he’s still returning fire with the SWAT team. Jonah’s, on the other hand, is just the usual overly broad generalizations and willful misrepresentations punctuated with well-timed farts that we have come to expect from him when he debates himself and, surprisingly, wins once again before heading to the kitchen for a celebratory pudding pop.

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