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Shouldn’t the Ronulans be poised to seize Americans Elect?

A recent meander through vale of crazy,  where the really, really, wild things are, has acquainted me with the hope evinced by Ron Paul's peeps that somehow they will snatch the Repugnant party right from under Kid Repugnant himself, when they get to the big throw down in Tampa.


Yeah, maybe.


But given that they are quietly racking up ballot line access in all jurisdictions, (not a trivial issue as Gingrich and Santorum, eg, discovered in Virginia…), wouldn't a good Plan B include flooding the pitifully vulnerable party rolls of Americans Elect via internet assault?


More broadly, what does Americans Elect portend for November?  Could we have a four-way race, with the axis of weevil and Americans Select drawing totally unpredictable cohorts from the Tweedles, Dee (Prez) and Dum(b)?


And there could be such Electoral College mischief that the matter goes to the House, where each state gets one vote, as determined by their combined delegation.



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