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Firedoglake: Why This Blog Post ExSites Me.

I’ve been visiting this blogsite ever since Libbygate.  Other sites I was visiting were linking to blogs by some gals, cute and smart and savy chicks, Christy Hardin Smith and Jane Hamsher, who were live- blogging the Libby Trial and explaining, to the best of their knowledge, what was happening.

And, like a lot of others, I lurked for a while and then jumped in.  I started at Late night, with TRex, and made acquiantance with a lot of folks here.  Lots of  information, music and connections were made.

So, I’ve seen many changes, some evolution , in Ms. Hamsher’s goals.  She has pushed this way and that at the Authority.  She was really wonderful at going on some of the msm shows to push the issues that she cares about.  And,  she brought a lot of focus to this site, Firedoglake, as well as educating the tv-listening people to issues like FISA, Dan Choi, and more recently, the Keystone Pipeline potential for more mass destruction.

And, now, it seems to me, she is focused on face to face help. The work this site is doing by live blogging Some Hugely important issues, and feeding and clothing the Occupiers is Walking the Talk. It’s “A little less talk, and a lot more action!”.

This Mansion that Jane made has a lot of Rooms.  You can look at Current News, you can look at opportunities to advocate and be active participants with others who share your ideals.  You can follow GLBT news; chat with friends in the early morning, about political news or personal challenges or Joys; share music links anytime of the day – as far as I’m concerned – but of course mostly at Late Late Night, which we are honored and blessed to have Suzanne and CTuttle host, care for us, and connect.
Righteous Dudes.

And, we have myfdl, which allows everyone to post their own diaries, rants, ruminations and, well gosh, whatever they need to get off their chest and share.

So, that’s why I like, support, and share this Site.
It’s Wonderful, Really.
Go Jane! (And All of Those who work with and support her.)

Hugs and Smiles to All of You.

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