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Come Saturday Morning: Reducing the Ecological Risks

I saw this article, etitled “Can We Reduce the Ecological Risks of Extended Bioenergy Production?“, over at Renewable Energy World the other day.

I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Why not do a bit more work investigating the feasibility of growing biofuels on brownfields in need of bioremediation? We could do two good things at once — reclaim brownfields while providing feedstocks for fuel. Research in the UK on reed canary grass, and in the US with mustard seed, has already proved quite promising.

2) For a long-term solution, and one that would not require altering a single additional acre of wiliderness nor take out of production a single acre of cropland, but merely rework land that’s already paved and give it a few additional purposes, why not go with Solar Roadways instead?

3) Consider getting a chicken tractor. Just because.

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Phoenix Woman