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Storming of the Bastille (Duesseldorf version) -Flickr Creative Commons

Oh do I see so much rancor and vindictiveness here these days. Nearly as much for the current administration as the last. Ideologues and fanatics all in a tither with their tails in the air and oh so upset that their previous messiah has not turned out to be as they imagined.

Oh where have we seen this before. Historically in just about every chosen one.

With so many now convinced that if only they could get the right person elected or the citizens energized and as impassioned as they are, they can change the system instantly. Storm the gates of the Congress and demand…yes demand that they all resign and they WILL install a righteous and responsive government that WILL work for the people. And woo to he who says otherwise.


Not until the engineers and middle management of places like IBM, DELL, Apple, Microsoft, Simmons,  Blue Cross, Motorola, Boeing, MacDonald Douglas, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon….- who are still doing very well thankyouverymuch – are in as bad a shape as the worst of the so called 99%.

Or the retirees in Florida and Arizona and California and Mississippi…..are about to lose the retirement and be out of their nice gated communities in the cold.

Or that you can get Blacks and Asians and Latinos and native Americans and Muslims….all rallying to you side.

These visions are just that. I think there are those who need to reexamine the history of previous revolutions. How long it took and how bad it had to get before the “masses” were willing to risk themselves and what they had to overturn the powers that be.

There is a saying we have in computerdom about systems and our current political and economic one is a perfect example.

Functions as designed.

So you can go and vote for who ever you want (or not) and be disappointed again (which you most assuredly will be) and pout and talk and and throw brick bats at the system which is corrupt and treacherous and duplicitous and all the rest or you can make things better for yourself and your neighbors. Having hissy fits over what you really have little control over does not help one bit.

As far as a revolution goes…forgetaboutit.

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