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Colorado tax dollars at work: two Senators deliver fundie eruptions against civil union bill

Ah, the fearful fundamentalists are so unhinged by social change related to the legal recognition of same sex couples that we can find plentiful examples of them showing their @ss in public. Witness Thursday’s Colorado state Senate floor debate on SB-2 a civil unions bill — the “Christian” perspective in opposition of a civil union bill by two Senators, Scott Renfroe and ?Kevin Lundberg?.

Actual quotes in the video:

  • “I truly believe Jesus is a better answer than Senate Bill 2”
  • “What is the attitude towards those who choose homosexuality over heterosexuality?”

While we have our own versions of this flaming crap going on in NC, at this point no public officials are willing to come out and spew bible-beating nonsense like this about Amendment One. They are running for cover, with even a former sponsor of it now saying he’ll vote against it. And we have bipartisan condemnation of A1 – look at the statements of former Charlotte Mayors Harvey Gantt & Richard Vinroot:

Hat tip, Daniel Gonzales.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding