And Rep. Jim Crawford (a Granville Democrat, sorry to say) is caught on video lying that he wasn’t really in favor of the language that is on the ballot; Progress NC pulled out the damning video from a candidates forum this month. (WRAL’s Laura Leslie and Mark Binker @NCCapitol):

In the video, a lesbian woman takes Crawford to task over his support for the amendment.

“(T)hat hateful piece of discriminatory legislation that would be put in our constitution of this state was introduced by Jim Crawford and I’ll never forgive you for that, because you slapped me and every gay person in this state when you did that,” she said.

Crawford responded by acknowledging he had submitted amendment drafts but he did not favor the version that’s on the ballot.

I will definitely vote against it because I think it goes to[o] far,” Crawford said.

A couple things worth pointing out here:

It clearly didn’t “go too far” before that forum. What it goes to show is that even the people who wanted this on the ballot now, seeing the tide turning with conservatives and people of faith rallying against Amendment One, are running away from their decision to put civil rights of a minority on the ballot. And they are running for cover and in Crawford’s case, so desperate they are lying about their original commitment.

Watch it!

Jim Crawford sponsored the marriage amendment, then voted for it. Now he says he’s voting against it? Crawford will say just about anything to get reelected.

Protect All NC Families sent out this reaction via email:

In response to Crawford’s earlier comments this week during the WRAL documentary “The Amendment,” in which he called the amendment discriminatory, Alex Miller, campaign co-chair for Protect All NC Families, the coalition effort to defeat Amendment One, points out that Crawford’s comments reflect a significant shift in sentiment and support for the amendment. “Rep. Crawford is seen by many as the leader of the group of conservative Democrats who broke with their party and supported the proposal that put this amendment before the voters. In my opinion the amendment would not have passed without his support,” said Miller. “This is quite simply the most stunning reversal we have seen to date, and further evidence that support for this amendment is crumbling even among those who once endorsed it.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding

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