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A Look in the Mirror….

I’ve seen you around here before. I may have met you before in another situation coined in other worlds, but I have a question for you.

Why are you here?

I will try and leave it at that. I was taught by some ex-girlfriend, “You can’t answer a question with a question!!!” Or in the words of Dumb & Dumber, “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp, you can’t triple stamp a double stamp!!!”

So many questions in this world, and I find more and more that the boiling water that we find ourselves in, distills our realities down to a simple ether….that which connects us all.

Can I just say, that you and your 130 comments are not in this ether. The matters in your mind are not of the newly forming world but rather that of the old materialistic world that is rapidly disintegrating, or rather, evolving into something less material.

You have pain only because you allow it to walk through your front door and you watch in horror as it puts its dirty feet up on your table. The caked mud falling from the soles of its shoes, for this is a busy being, walking in and out of society’s households through that beautiful flat screen. Ripping at your heart, filling you of fear, wonderful images of rockets being test launched, rebels firing on civilians, banks banking and all in the meantime our taxes (read payment to live) is going to pill poppin’ sex addicts that would put the Roman baths to shame (read fame).

Let me give you a little insight. You aren’t going to “connect as one” through the traditional means of thought or feeling. You cannot predict the future, let it go, it was never yours to begin with. Nor was the past, tis only this present that we find ourselves in that is truly our dream. Quit punishing yourself for the “perceived” faults of that past, the past that has you stuck in victim mode or listening to that judge barking within your mind. You are having a human experience, be grateful that you were alive to remember it and learn from it, carry on you waywarded sun!!!

Why do we continue to be slaves within the very system we so adamantly resist? It’s not lack of awareness, it’s certainly not lack of fear, pretty sure the Depends have been sold out in Walmarts across the world for a decade now. And now that I think about it, I don’t have a chart proving it, but the added “security” of Depends may be the only reason Walmart has been able to “thrive” in such a desperate fan hitting scenario.

What else is there? There are so many focus groups out there, but all of them, continue at creating awareness toward “their” passion or “cause.” What if their answer is within them before they even eat breakfast and head out the door? Would we even know? Have we even looked under the hood?

I bought a beater on the island of Hawaii for $500. It was a VW Jetta with a broken windshield (illegal), no insurance, (f the system and paying for something bad to happen to you) and an engine that purred like a kitten choking on a metal razor. The entire time I asked her to charge up the volcano and back down again…..I never peeped under her hood. I was scared to what I would find. Now more than ever, I find the symbolism “killing me softly,” in this day and age, its application and lesson louder than I would like to acknowledge, but there’s that wonderful word again….knowledge. She was gifted to a scrap yard, I kept the plates and the lesson that you always look under the hood before you go on a journey of any length…..all she needed was oil.

You continue to debate politics and economic bs because it inflames your conflicted ego. You haven’t learned how to walk without this ego and enter the true light. This light is within and has been patiently asking to come out and join with its brothers and sisters of the universe. I think it’s high time to look within before we start our path of solving everything that’s wrong in our “control systems.” I mean really, we’re arguing on how to rig the casino for a different output of “customer approval.” The owners sitting in the Colombian soiled sheets aren’t really worried about how things run, they are sociopaths of the dark age and don’t worry about the black light showing any INtended consequences.

In time they will need our help. In the meantime spend your time of inner healing, building your energy for the oncoming transition.

I recently ran into an article about the Mayan’s and their take on their calendar and what it means…..from yes, the Mayan point of view, not the doom lovers. Can I even say doom lovers? Read about it if you would like to read something different for a change.

And for all you egotistical bastards, I am but one as well, this is me writing to myself (goofy grin). I’ll see you all in the mirrors on the ceilings in Bogota……

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