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Tonight’s Occupy Supply Webinar: Effective Outreach

Our next Occupy Supply webinar is this tonight, Wednesday April 25, at 8:00 PM Eastern.

My name is John Washington from Occupy Buffalo and I will now be hosting the weekly Occupy Supply Webinars. As an Occupier I can bring a new perspective to the Occupy Supply Webinar. Guided by my experience with Occupy Buffalo I hope these webniars can become an online skill share for organizers around the country.

Tonight’s Occupy Supply Webinar Outreach and Activism: Effective Outreach will discuss engaging people for collective action an important tool in the Occupy Movement and growing numbers as we transition into an active summer. The warm weather will bring activity after a hard fought winter Occupiers around the country will have to grow their base without the advantage of the camp.  Effective Outreach is imperative to getting more people involved in the Occupy Movement and their local issues. Engaging the community involves more than just telling people about your group, it begins with listening and fostering relationships in your community

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Lee Gaddies from Occupy Detroit will start the discussion with a presentation on Occupy Detroit Listening tours and sharing best practices from the Occupy Detroit Outreach team from his experience in Outreach.

Sergio Uzurin, an Organizer For NYCC and part of Occupy Buffalo will follow up with strategic tools to improve outreach efforts and tools to recruit people for collective action

Brian Sonenstein from Firedoglake will let us know how to use the information we collected by implementing tools previously discussed to activate your base for collective action

We also hope to hear from a variety of other occupiers and liaisons about their ideas and experiences with outreach and activism.

The presentation portion of our webinar will be recorded for everyone, but we will not record the Q&A portion so that people may speak freely.

As always, tonight’s discussion is open to the public – occupier, activist or supporter.

Click here to register for tonight’s webinar:

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John Washington

John Washington