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New NOM Hate Video Features African-American Gay Bashers

In response to criticism of its deliberate strategy of attempting to pit African-Americans against gays, NOM is attempting to pit African-Americans against gays.

NOM’s new gay-bashing hate video is titled “Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right? African-American and Latino Leaders Speak for Themselves.”

For its gay-bashing hate video, NOM did not interview any African-American and Latino leaders who favor LGBT equality.

You read that right; NOM has not posed the question “Is gay marriage a civil right?” in order to provide an objective answer to that question. It has posed the question in a hateful propagandistic attempt to rile African-American and Latino anti-gay bigots up against gay people, to fan, disgracefully, hostilities between the minorities.

NOM and its supporters are scumbag anti-gay bigots.

NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is a lying scumbag. NOM’s Robert George is a lying scumbag.

NOM’s latest hate video lies about civil rights, and lies in implying that no African-American or Latino leader supports LGBT equality.

The phrase “The Civil Rights Movement” does in the United States most commonly refer to the gradual undoing of the racial apartheid system. However, civil rights are universal, whether any particular society is granting them to everybody or not.  Civil rights do not belong exclusively to African-American anti-gay bigots, nor do African-American anti-gay bigots, or anti-gay bigots of any race, have any authority to evaluate whether a right for gay human beings is a civil right.  Examples of civil rights movements in the United States pre-dating that which undid the racial apartheid system abound.  Jews, for example, did not have the vote in Maryland until 1825; and even then, they had to sign a paper saying they believed in the afterlife.

The anti-Jewish bigots of that time believed that Jews had no civil right to vote, just as anti-gay bigots of our time believe that a homosexual person has no civil right to marry a person of their same sexual orientation. Yet, for American Jews prohibited from voting, voting was a civil rights issue.  And, today, for gay people prohibited from marrying a person of their same sexual orientation, marriage is a civil rights issue.

NOM is so shameless with its gay-bashing bigotry, that this latest hate video includes footage from last May’s anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx, where a NOM-approved speaker told a mob of gay-bashers that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”  Present at the anti-gay hate rally, wearing a pimp’s outfit, was the arch-bigot Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.  He screams at the crowd that in New York, marriage equality was pushed in people’s noses by the legislature and the courts, even though his own son Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. supports equality, and his lesbian grand-daughter Erica Diaz published an article in the New York Post condemning her grandfather’s bigotry. Creating a further impression that he is profoundly ignorant, Diaz whipped the crowd of gay-bashers into a frenzy “Let the people vote for it.”

Civil rights are civil rights; there is no legitimate voting by bigots on whether civil rights should be allowed to the object of their bigotry.

NOM”s video features a hit parade of bigots, not acknowledging that there is no legitimate voting against civil rights. Reverend Patrick Wooden, who has suggested that this publication’s editor Pam Spaulding needed a so-called “corrective rape” to make her sexually happy with a man, and has in one million additional ways proven himself to be a gay-bashing bigot, says in NOM’s video that African-Americans are overwhelmingly against LGBT equality.  Again with that erroneous idea that a bigot block can legitimately vote down a hated minority’s civil rights.

Other homo bigots shown in NOM’s hate video include the ethically-challenged, violence-inciting Pastor Herbert Lusk, saying that neither same-sex marriage nor homosexuality can be considered civil rights. Note that Lusk’s ethically-challenged relationship with the Bush administration echoes that of NOM’s lying sack of gay-bashing bigotry Maggie Gallagher. (Gallagher has yet to comment about this article enumerating her gay-bashing lies. She has not commented on it, because she is a lying scumbag anti-gay bigot). Lusk’s thought  — that homosexuality itself is not a civil right — is in line with that of NOM mastermind Robert George, who wrote a Supreme Court brief arguing that gay people should be jailed for their intimacy. In these sick bigots’ minds, twisted with hate, (which they should be discussing with competent therapists), the freedom of association does not extend to gay people having a right to be intimate with each other.

At the end of NOM’s bigot parade, arch-bigot George D. McKinney is heard ranting about how African-American anti-gay bigots must not let LGBT equality supporters “steal” civil rights.

McKinney evidently has not heard that the National Black Justice Coalition says that Bayard Rustin “was a proud Black gay man who was an indispensable architect of the Civil Rights Movement.”

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act is named for one white gay, and one black victim of ignorance-fueled bigotries.

That law involves protection of the basic civil right, not to be murdered because you are a particular minority member. (Hater Harry Jackson, who figures in NOM’s gay-bashing video — fraudulently alleging that LGBT rights supporters are “hijacking” civil rights — was fiercely opposed to the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act).

NOM’s gay-bashing hate video, by a most revealing, characteristic contrast to the Matthew Shepard Act, includes footage from a NOM hate rally where bigots were told that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

Neither NOM nor anybody in NOM’s bigot parade has any authority to evaluate whether marriage equality is a civil right.

It is.

Watch the video at that link. It shows a Faith Press Conference headed by the African-American Reverend Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, an equality supporter.

Now watch this video of North Carolina NAACP leader Reverend William Barber condemning the proposed anti-gay, anti-human bigot ballot in his state. The African-American Reverend Barber says “Far right forces are trying to roll back civil rights.” Listen as Barber issues his scathing condemnation of NOM and other far-right haters and officious manipulators.

The integrity, intelligence, and decency of Barber’s statement puts every sleazebag character in NOM’s gay-bashing hate video to shame.

NOM itself is sleazy and shameful for titling its hate video “Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right? African-American and Latino Leaders Speak for Themselves” without giving Reverend Spearman and Reverend Barber a chance to speak in it. At this link you can read the African-American Pastor Michael Bledsoe’s rebuke of NOM’s anti-gay bigotry.

Sleazy. Shameful. NOM.


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Scott Rose