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To The Stars! Well, Ok, The Asteroids, Maybe?

Courtesy axeman3d via Flickr

Courtesy axeman3d via Flickr

This one’s for Master Dreamer Kelly Canfield and all of us who ever dreamt about going into space.

Using space-faring robots to mine precious metals from asteroids almost sounds easy when former astronaut Tom Jones describes it — practically like clearing a snow-covered driveway.

This is the stuff dreams of boys and girls were made of from the ’40’s on! This is what Heinlein, Asimov, Andre Norton (a woman writer), EE Doc Smith, Poul Anderson, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K. DIck . . . You Know, These Guys!

I grew up on those books by those authors . . . there were comics, too, but in our family it was paperback city . . . I had all the Tom Swift, Jr. hardbacks tho, at one time. My grandfather had willed us his collection of Tom Swift, Sr. books at one time, they disappeared over years, likely sold to pay bills.

The Stars Are Ours, Moons Of Titan, The Lensman, Skylark Of Space, The Green Hills Of Earth, The Beastmaster . . . . hundreds more, they all bring dreams of space, adventure, new things and humans off into the cosmos to explore them!!!!

And The Time Of Our Dreams Is Nigh. Robotic Ships, Asteroid Mining.

Outside experts are skeptical because the program would probably require untold millions or perhaps billions of dollars, plus huge advances in technology. Yet the same entrepreneurs behind this idea also pioneered the selling of space rides to tourists — a notion that seemed fanciful not long ago.*

Sadly, those dreams are now venture capitalized, leveraged buy in’s, profit driven and a product of the 1% to grasp resources, power and control of it all . . . I think, I liked our dreams better.

*My bold face

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