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A campaign that is very full of Mitt

You may recall that pretty much the first half of April 2012 the main topic of the Presidential campaign was trying to tie Hilary Rosen, a long-time democratic strategist to the Obama campaign because she said something accurate, in a brusque manner, about Ann Ronmey. This became, according to the Romney Campaign, an awesome present and also simultaneously a vile attack on mothers everywhere.

Just as that issue faded, on Thursday, April 18th the Romney campaign hired a new foreign policy spokesperson, Richard Grenell.  And what a “present” he is.  He’s managed to scrub hundreds of tweets critical of women far worse than anything Hilary Rosen ever uttered, from Republicans like Calista Gingrich, to Rachel Maddow, to Michelle Obama.

Hired almost exactly at the time the Rosen matter died out. Yet not a peep out of the major news sources that devoted about ten straight days to the Rosen story. It almost makes you think there might be bias.

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