Residents of Wilmington, Delaware were distressed today to witness their bumbling mayor humiliate himself and his city with his loose-cannon rhetoric. The members of Occupy Delaware empathize with the distressed city residents and wish to apologize for the mayor’s boorish behavior.

Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker

Although the members of Occupy Delaware have been maintaining an orderly encampment at Wilmington’s Spencer Plaza  since early November and have been scrupulously complying with the rules of their agreement with the city, the mayor chose this day in late April to vent against the peaceful occupiers. Showing no respect for the persons of conscience exercising their First Amendment right of expression, Mayor Baker referred to the protesters with inflammatory, hate-filled language which served no purpose but to disgrace himself and embarrass the city of Wilmington.

Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker today ordered members of Occupy Delaware to vacate Spencer Plaza, saying individuals at the tent encampment have desecrated the “sacred gravesite” of African-American religious leader Peter Spencer with public drunkenness, drug use and destruction of public property.

The gravesite that Mayor Baker refers to is adjacent to but separate from the Occupy Delaware encampment. There has never been a single incident when anyone associated with Occupy Delaware approached the gravesite area, for there would have no reason for them to do so. For the mayor to insinuate that there was “desecration” of the gravesite is blatant slander. Anyone claiming to be an adult would know that.


Gravesite Mayor James M. Baker claims is being "desecrated"

Regarding the mayor’s accusations of ” public drunkenness, drug use and destruction of public property,” one can only feel sorry for such a small, spiteful man who would make such baseless accusations. Since the first tent was pitched in the fall, Occupy Delaware has maintained a strict zero-tolerance policy with respect to drugs and alcohol, knowing full well that any slip would be used as a pretext to void their agreement with the city. The tents are set up in the open area of a stone plaza. What “destruction of public property” could occur on a stone pad begs the imagination.

Considering that the city of Wilmington is the home base for parasitic banks such as Bank of America and Chase which engage in rampant mortgage and foreclosure fraud, predatory lending, and other forms of deviant behavior,  one might think the good mayor would find fault with the villains at the banks for preying on his most vulnerable constituents??. Instead, he focuses his venom on those who wish to protect the vulnerable from the parasites operating out of the Wilmington banks.


Delaware occupiers discuss how to console Wilmington residents for mayor's boorish behavior

In spite of the boorish harassment by the unprincipled mayor of Wilmington, the Delaware occupiers quickly resumed the business they are committed to. Following an impromptu discussion on how to deal with the calamitous mayor, the group marched to Rodney Square for a bank sleep on the sidewalk in front of the maga-predator Bank of America.


Occupy Delaware preparing for bank sleep at predatory Bank of America