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I Can Hardly Wait For Jamie Clayton’s New TV Show “Dirty Work”

Thumbnail link: Jamie Clayton at the GLAAD Media Awards, Los Angeles, April 20, 2012I think I’m in love.

Okay, maybe not in love. I was just wonderfully surprised last Saturday night when I attended the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles last Saturday (April 20, 2012) and became acquainted with actress Jamie Clayton. She is incredibly energetic, funny, and attractive actor — and she’s trans. I had a roughly one-minute-20-second interview with her on the red carpet where she is talking about her new show Dirty Work where she plays a trans “bioremediation engineer”:

The show is from Fourth Wall Studios, which is working to make this an interactive show that will be seen in syndicated form on TV, as well as online with extras — there’s even going to be cell phone extras where one can “intercept” the thoughts of the charaters. The YouTube Teaser for the show is here. From the description of the show:

They call themselves “bioremediation engineers”, but that’s just a fancy way of saying they scrape up brains for a living. Yet no matter how hard our trio of underachievers scours the scene, it’s their lives they can’t seem to get clean.

Here’s Jamie, in her character Michelle, giving her take on job as a “bioremediation engineer”:

There’s a Los Angeles Times article on Fourth Wall Studios entitled Fourth Wall does the ‘Dirty Work’ of innovation:

The project shot in El Segundo, “Dirty Work,” is a dark comedy that could air on any number of cable channels that target the 17-34-year-old demographic. Three foul-mouthed Los Angeles hipsters work nights cleaning blood and other bodily fluids from crime scenes. In just the first episode, they get themselves entangled in situations serious — a crime boss comes looking for heroin left at a cleanup scene — and ridiculous, like an accidental run-in with Lakers player Metta World Peace.

“Dirty Work” was made on a six-figure-per-episode budget by experienced, if not exactly A-list, Hollywood talent led by “show runner” Aaron Shure, who has written for “The Office” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” “I like being able to tell people that it’s a Web show, but it looks really good,” said actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, a comedian formerly on “24.” “It’s not wanna-be TV.” People who load “Dirty Work” from the dozens of websites where it will be available starting April 30 and watch it on a computer or tablet could just sit back and watch what’s essentially a half-hour sitcom. “We know the first time most people watch this, they’re not going to give us their phone number,” said Lee.

Even though I’m not in the targeted demographic for the show, it looks like the kind of dark humor television/interactive media show I’d enjoy watching and participating in a lot.

Dirty Work begins airing on April 30th.

Further fun:
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Hope to have my other two videos up from the GLAAD Media Awards up in the next couple of days.

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