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I want my gas

While the media have been whining and handwringing about fracking, nuclear, peak oil et c. stockpiles of natural gas have been filling up; now there’s a glut, prices are crashing, we can’t export the stuff easily. WHY ARE WE NOT USING IT? To fuel our cars, for example. We’ve known this was going to happen for twenty years! Remember T. Boone Pickens? LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) conversion kits for our cars were available twenty years ago, and some friends converted their cars and bragged about how cheaply they ran and how clean – exhausting only water vapor and CO2. Where are the LNG pumps at every gas station that should be there by now – we’ve had twenty years! Is this another “The oil companies killed it” story? ‘cuz they are cleaning our clocks right now, and speculators are walking away with the millions we sink into our gas tanks, none of which would be happening if we could fill up with LNG for about a buck fifty a gallon. Why do we get all the pain, and none of the gain? Where is the freakin leadership??? We The People have to take the reins! LNG tanks in America’s cars could wipe out this recession in a matter of months. Really. First, the savings. Then, the death of oil speculators.Then, the startup companies to manufacture the infrastructure, and the hope and enthusiasm revived. Do the math.

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