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GSA Management — Where’s Obstruction in the Discussion? — MIA

It bewilders me that the obstruction of the Republicans, especially individual blockages of appointments by Republican senators, has not made more headlines or provoked more outrage.  If ever a team or business had to deal with this kind of obstruction, its effectiveness would be crippled — to then blame the coach or CEO is ridiculous.  And then, to use this to question the utility of the team or business itself, this is perhaps the epitome of ‘disingenuous’.

And yet this is what happens repeatedly — consider this scenario and the latest example:

So, you’re the new CEO*.  You have a department*, which handles building leases/maintenance etc. where morale is low due to prior leadership*.  You recommend a new chief* of the department to your “Board”*.  The person is qualified, but it takes NINE months to get her approved and in place.  The CEO has to deal with these types of delays over and over again.  The department is then accused of, shall we say, overzealous team-building which is nothing short of dumb in the context of the company’s deficit and overcommitments in ill-advised foreign ventures and other questionable actions from a previous CEO*.  One faction of the “Board” then turns around and says how this is an example of how, you, the present CEO can’t lead and how your whole approach is flawed.   Further, Communications* makes no mention of the previous administration’s history, the delaying tactics of the Board, and focuses exclusively on the credibility of the current CEO.

*. If not already obvious, here are the actors involved:
CEO = President Obama
department = GSA
prior leadership = Lurita Doan
new chief = Martha Johnson
Board = U.S. Senate and Senator Kit Bond (R-MI)
previous CEO = President George W. Bush
Communications = FOX NEWS SUNDAY with Chris Matthews; panel discussion on April 22, 2012

The “real” story:

On April 3, 2009, President Obama announced his intention to nominate Martha Johnson to be the next Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA). Johnson was finally confirmed 9 months later after a lengthy Senate hold-up. She resigned on April 2, 2012, after an inspector general’s report found “excessive expenditures and employee misconduct” relating to a conference in Nevada.

Johnson was approved by the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works in June 2009. She was also approved, this time unanimously, by the Senate Homeland Security Committee. But Sen. Kit Bond (R-Missouri) put a hold on Johnson’s confirmation as part of a battle in which he wanted a new federal office building built in Kansas City. Before her confirmation, Johnson held the dubious record of being the Obama nominee who waited the longest to be confirmed. Johnson’s installation as GSA administrator in February, 7, 2010, filled the position for the first time in almost two years.
The appointment of GSA insider Johnson was expected to raise morale at the GSA, which was rocked by the scandal-plagued tenure of Lurita Doan, who was asked by the Bush White House to resign in April 2008 because of serious allegations of conflicts of interest and use of federal properties for partisan purposes, which is prohibited by the Hatch Act.”








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