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Come Saturday Morning: What Is It With Minnesota Republicans and Insulting Their Neighbors?

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In the course of discussing whether Minnesota’s stunningly gorgeous Cass-Gilbert-designed State Capitol building should get some much-needed repair work done, Republican House Majority Leader Matt Dean (who we have met before) opened his mouth really, really wide and managed to shove both of his feet in it:

In a Thursday debate on funding for renovations to the Minnesota state Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota Republican House majority leader Matt Dean said North Dakota’s Capitol is “embarrassing” and resembles a State Farm Insurance building.

This did not please North Dakota’s governor, Jack Dalrymple. His displeasure, as expressed via AP, actually made several nationally-oriented news outlets, including the Washington Post and MSNBC. (In my opinion, the North Dakota State Capitol is a perfectly fine building set in an attractively-laid-out landscape; from the outside, it resembles another Depression-Era edifice, the Saint Paul, Minnesota City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse, whose remarkably monumental Art Deco interior was built with the finest materials as the Depression had temporarily made these materials dirt cheap. But I digress.)

Not to be outdone in the Let’s-Insult-The-Neighbors department, Tom Emmer, the 2010 Republican candidate nominee for governor who you may remember from his War on the Waitstaff, decided to shove both feet and a garden rake into his own mouth (hat tip to Bluestem Prairie) in the course of dissing Minnesota’s next-door neighbors, these being the ones to the east:

Emmer said if he was now the Governor in the Republican-controlled House and Senate, Minnesota would “make Wisconsin look like the poor ugly step-child that they are.”

That’s a rather, erm, interesting way for a Minnesota Republican to speak of a state whose Republican governor, Republican-controlled legislature, and Republican-dictated business climate have all been cited favorably by Minnesota Republicans. Not that Scott Walker of the Nonexistent Jobs doesn’t rate being called out, mind you — but Walker wasn’t Emmer’s target here.

Then again, Minnesota Republicans are known for Bringing the Crazy whenever they open their mouth; this is the state, alas, of Michele “Tar Baby” Bachmann, Mary “Earth Day is Evil” Franson (and will somebody tell her that her buds at the Minnesota Farm Bureau like Earth Day just fine), and Mike “Union Thugs Like Me” Parry. And they are all well funded by their various big-business buddies — if not through ALEC members, then via the West Metro One-Percent Clubbers living alongside Lake Minnetonka — so we’re likely stuck with them, at least until the elections this November.

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