Andrew Breitbart NOT Killed By ACORN Deathdrone … Or Was He?

According the the Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner Lakshmanan Sathyavaglswaran, 43 year-old Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure and “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with focal coronary atheroscerosis”, which is thickening of the heart muscle and hardening of the arteries for those who don’t speak Sathyavaglswaran-ish.So, if you had “killed by space toxin developed at Area 51 and delivered by Kenyan blow-dart” in your office pool, you might want to put off that road trip to Vegas because “I’m on a hot streak”.

Under normal circumstances this would put the whole Breitbart saga to bed but these are not normal times and since the LA Coroner has too goshdarned many ” a’s ” in his name and is therefore not to be trusted, let’s nut-pick through theories developed by the nuts at Breitbart.com, because nothing is ever as simple as a person dying from the single largest killer of men and women in the United States.

I mean, really, what are the odds?

Take it away, nuts:

i dont think he died naturally. Dont cross the obama gang or you might end up like donald young and bill gwatney 


Heart attack gun? It is real, it does exist and congress knows about it.



Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran? 

Unwritten rule that any MD with a name which exceeds nine syllables may only examine expired patients.


>Call me sceptical but i will not be surprised if one day it is discovered that something else happened. 

It doesn’t matter. His death is the start of many breibarts following his example.


ummm.. i am in the health care field. one does NOT die acutely, out of the blue, of heart failure! i mean did he show signs and symptoms prior to this event? fluid overload, shortness of breath, repeat hospital admits?? i hope the brietbart people investigate this…this doesnt smell right. 


This report proves nothing.  Govt. agencies have methods that look exactly like this w/o a trace.  Also, other than the Harvard tape, where is the rest of the information that will foil the election for Barry?  Surely all the hype could not have been just about the Harvard connections?  Has the Breitbart crew been co-opted under the very real threat of death? 


The heart attack drug is undetectable. 


Stella Nova
Exactly. There could be a cover up for national security reasons, or Obama’s re-election security. I am not a conspiracy type person, but a heart attack at that young age, in 2012 ?

My favorite:

I find it suspicious that all the famous people dying lately do so mostly in Commiefornia: Dick Clark, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Steve Bridges the comic who made fun of Obama, Andrew Breitbart and even Mike Wallace. And a reminder the Coroner is elected. Wonder what Party holds the office? Read about communists – eliminating icons of society is something they do…they are the new saviors, they want people to forget the past.

Calmer heads address the issue and are promptly dealt with

DamascusGate, Defeat Obama 2012
The conspiracy theory posts really need to stop. As does the mind-set behind them.

Andrew was not murdered. He had a bad heart. A medical condition that took his life early.

It’s sad. And he will be forever missed and loved by so many of us.

There is absolutely no evidence to support possible murder in the death of Andrew, and even the coroner’s office has now said as much. True, Coroner’s can be wrong, but they aren’t in this case. They were thorough, and even waited until toxicology was back before beginning to publicly announce their findings.

People go through many stages in the grieving process. Denial, bargaining, anger. Part of bargaining can even be attempts at rationalization. Attempts to make sense of something that appears to be so senseless.

Part of that bargaining (or rationalization) can even be attempts to place blame where none is found, nor where none can be applied. This tends to lead to conspiracy theories when the deceased person is someone as well-known and loved as Andrew was.

Evidence, fact, and logic never support the grieving person’s irrelevant thoughts. But, the grieving person can find weight in their emotional appeal en masse.

Andrew is gone. It’s hard to accept, but accept it we must.

His work, however, lives on. And we can all honor Andrew by continuing his work. That will prove to be more fruitful to the evidence of his life and legacy than anything else.


Says a Communist Rat.

Also, too, Andrew Breitbart died for our sins:

Andrew was fearless and I guess God needed him more. Wish it wasn’t so though cuz we need him and a whole slew of others just like him. RIP Andrew, you’ll ALWAYS be remembered.


Ask yourself, what would God have needed him for? If God created the heavens and the earth, God doesn’t need us for anything. Your statement makes no sense. If God exists then God used him. In the short time that I became acquainted with Andrew Breitbart, he left us a great gift, the citizen journalist movement and the citizen vetting process. RIP Andrew Breitbart!

James Jonas
Maybe there is a parallel in the Bible. Jesus’s death for us purchased life. In no small way Mr. Breitbart has inspired many. I had not even heard of him until after his death. Now I understand the battle we are in.

Andrew Breitbart is the new Jesus. Pass it on…

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