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Will You Join the Kardashian Party?

As self-made Hollywood celebrities go, Kim Kardashian could be much worse. In between endless photo shoots, making sex tapes, marrying and/or dating every man in the Northern Hemisphere, and selling clothes with too much gold braid and rhinestones, she sometimes has a somewhat self-deprecating view of her fame. On one of the Kardashian clan’s reality shows (E! Entertainment – All Kardashian, All the Time), she was asked what she was famous for. “I’m the girl with the big ass,” she said.

Refreshing honesty. You gotta love her for that.

Kim’s 24-hour, non-stop automated Twitter feed recently sung with the news that she has penned a decidedly non-Maoist 5-year plan for her life.

For example, she wants to do everything she can for the Armenian community. I’m not sure how many Armenians – minus the dozens of Kardashians in Calabasas – actually need help. But, standards of wealth are different in L-Lay and besides, it’s the thought that counts.

However, her biggest buzz was the news that she’s contemplating a run for Mayor of Glendale, CA – a move from Big Ass to Big Wheel as it were. Now this isn’t as odd as it may seem, certainly no odder than Rick Santorum or Mittens Romney. Heck, she could do no worse than the Princess of Wasilla and Half-Term Governess of Rogueistan.

First, she’s smart. She’s built an entire multi-million dollar empire on nothing more than an ability to sniff out a camera faster than a drug dog can find a suitcase full of cocaine and her aforementioned “big ass”. She’s the picture perfect poster girl for entrepreneurship and she’s doing nothing more than any other wealthy person does these days. I hear Khloe is training as a lobbyist as we speak and Kim has enough relatives to fill the entire Glendale city council, with spares to cover City Manager, Police Chief, and City Fashion-Forward Coordinator.  I’m sure her Q-Rating is over the top too. Clearly, this is a winning ticket.

Despite all the guffaws at her plan, she’s clearly more qualified than politicians who make major issues out of dogs riding on car roofs or accusations that the President of the United States is a dog-eating, closet Muslim, who hates America and is an illegitimate pretender to the Office.  It’s great that young people like her are willing to go into public service and she deserves rhinestone encrusted praise for it. If Michael Bloomberg can be the CEO Mayor of New York and cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani can be “America’s Mayor” then Kim Kardashian can lead Glendale into the future…with a lot more pizazz.

Kardashian 2013! I say, “You go GURL!”

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