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BP Covered Up 2008 Well Blow-Out in Caspian Sea: Greg Palast

(h/t  He has much more here.  Following his links, and watching videos has made me sad and sick…again.  May we not be weakened by despair, but continue to fight back against Government by and for Criminal Profiteers.

From Greg Palast at, and his own site:

“Evidence now implicates top BP executives as well as its partners Chevron and Exxon and the Bush Administration in the deadly cover-upwhich included falsifying a report to the Securities Exchange Commission.

Yesterday, revealed that, in September 2008, nearly two years before the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP rig had blown out in the Caspian Sea—which BP concealed from U.S. regulators and Congress.

Had BP, Chevron, Exxon or the Bush State Department revealed the facts of the earlier blow-out, it is likely that the Deepwater Horizon disaster would have been prevented.

“The [2010 Wikileak] cables also reveal that BP’s oil-company partners knew about the blow-out but they too concealed the information from Congress, regulators and the Securities Exchange Commission.”

Robert Kennedy of the Water Defense Alliance said:

“The only reason the public doesn’t know about it is because the Azerbaijani government conspired with them to disappear the people who saw it happen and then to act in concert, in collusion, in cahoots with BP, with Exxon, with Chevron to conceal this event from the American public.”

The three big actors, Chevron, Exxon and BP all concealed this from the American public; this is a criminal activity.”

Well; no doubt.  Plenty of that around here lately.  Cast your gaze; find an outrage…

The rest of Kennedy’s ‘concerns’ tie Condi Rice (Mz. Chevron) fully into the evil perfidy that’s now called ‘doing business through collusion with the federal government’; please consider reading the whole piece; it will piss you off, but we seem to need it.

The Azeri Platform well was at 128 meters off the coast of Baku, Azerbaijan; he project was begun in 2005.

Mika Minio-Paluello at describes the collusion of the parties involved in this cover-up as well as BP pipeline explosion cover-ups  as shown by the relevant Wikileak cables, and demonstrates the degree to which BP and the Azeri autocracy are a unified force, even hiding information from their Partners in Oil, including Exxon.

Not to pile on, but here’s a musical snapshot from 2010 by Y-Love.  This is the second anniversary of the Deepwater explosion; eleven workers were murdered, as were countless sea critters and ecosystems, and well as the lives, health and futures of communities, both on land and in the ocean.

Rest in peace.

You can sign this petition if you haven’t lost all faith in petitions; even if you have, I suppose.

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