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“We’ll be back” Occupy New Haven After Eviction

Arrests at Occupy New Haven.

Phoenix Rising!

I arrived at the camp at 7am to find Elm St blocked off to traffic and already a police presence. People were packing the remainder of their belongings as the Main Street media took up positions. The magic time was set at 8am for the police to yellow tape the perimeter and make arrests.

At 7:45am a emergency’ occupiers only GA was called…. we gathered inside of a large tent called Russia. A head count was taken for those who wanted to express Civil Disobedience, and a small tent which had been filled with helium balloon’s was readied for launch. We adjourned and took up positions to film the police. Others sat cross legged in front of a lone symbolic tent and refused to leave. Arrests were made in single fashion as onlookers chronicled all. As with previous entries I will again refer to the two local medias coverage, with a disclaimer that I do not endorse it entirely, but they are close enough… and the

Heavy equipment rolled in and in less than 2 hours the camp was just a memory. At at 6:30 pm we had a well attended General Assembly, made closure, welcomed alliances and promised more actions!

Read on for more photos.

Before Eviction

Occupy New Haven

Civil disobedience.

Arrests at Occupy New Haven.

Occupy New Haven Eviction

Occupy New Haven Eviction


Heavy equipment tearing down Occupy New Haven encampment.

Camp is gone, but Occupy New Haven lives on.

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