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Vote for Marriage NC is angry its sad moneybomb effort was mocked as a #FAIL on Twitter

I guess I should feel honored that the pathetic people at Vote for Marriage NC have me (and a few Twitterverse colleagues, including Jeremy Hooper and Tyler J. McCall) on their radar for mocking their equally pathetic attempt to fundraise off of their claim that there is a coordinated mass effort by those working to defeat Amendment One to steal and destroy of pro-Amendment yard signs. (Of course their side would never do that – I’ve already seen anti-Amendment signs defaced here in Durham).

But anyway, the hilarity is deserved because their money bomb has been failing miserably, given this group’s purported huge base of support. The totals even after days after launch were anemic. I posted one status update:

It later bumped up to a whopping $440 from 8 donors. Since the prospects looked dim, of course they went to the e-blast to drum up some dollars…no doubt they had to get an infusion from out of state to help them out. But you have to check out the anti-gay crowd’s e-blast…it’s below the fold.


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Can you believe it? On Tuesday we asked our supporters to help us raise $10,000 to replace stolen yard signs and vandalized billboards. Since then, we are pleased to announce that we have raised $4,394 of our $10,000 goal. Make sure to read the bottom of the email to find out how to double the impact of your donations!

How do opponents of marriage respond? By mocking you.

It was surprising when activists sent us pictures of them stealing yard signs from churches and covering them in cat feces. It was shocking when Pastors in Brunswick woke up to find their pro-marriage billboards vandalized and burned. It is now insulting that while we try to correct those wrongs by simply replacing them, our opponents mock us. Just look at some of the things activists are saying about our attempts to replace vandalized billboards and stolen yard signs:


They think our Billboard Money Bomb will not prove successful. They say our attempts are “bombing” and a “fail”. One of the field organizers for the official campaign to defeat the Marriage Amendment even took to twitter to brag and directly send us sarcastic messages about how “well” our money bomb is going:

As a Grassroots Director, I hear cases daily about people stealing yard signs in broad daylight, robbing them from church property, and even driving into peoples yards to run over them. Every sign I have personally and legally put up has been stolen within 1-2 days. Instead of stealing and defacing signs (which is a Class 3 misdemeanor), or mocking opponents (which is childish), we can fight back by proving them wrong!

We are pleased to announce that a generous donor will match dollar for dollar every donation attributed to our Money Bomb! Every gift you now give will have double the impact! That means double the number of signs and double the number of ad buys. Even if you have previously donated to this Money Bomb, in light of this information, will you please consider an additional gift?

Today is the day to recognize the seriousness of the task at hand. We have 19 days left to win this battle. We need your help, partnership, and sacrificial gifts to preserve the institution of marriage.

Contribute to this Money Bomb today, double your donation, and bomb their inaccurate claims!


Leonard Goenaga,
Grassroots Director, Vote FOR Marriage NC

PS: Don’t forget that in addition to doubling your donation by donating now, you can also support us with your vote! Early voting started today, and you can click here to find your early voting site and time.


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