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Programming Note: Announcing the FDL News Guest Posters

So I’m going to be stepping away from the blog for a couple weeks as I take a long-delayed vacation. But as I’ve said, I won’t be leaving you empty-handed. I have assembled a diverse group of writers to hold down the fort over the next two weeks.

Kathleen Geier: You may remember her from the dearly departed “The G-Spot” blog, but Kathleen has written for a wide variety of outlets, including The American Prospect, The Atlantic and The Washington Monthly. Here’s a good sample from last month about the decision made by some newspaper outlets to not run a week of Doonesbury strips concerning the mandatory ultrasound laws being passed across the country. She will be writing on a wide variety of issues.

Abigail Field: An attorney, Abigail has written at Daily Finance, MSN Money and Fortune, and has her own blog as well. One of her more memorable articles at Fortune, where she tracked down hundreds of foreclosure documents and found serious flaws with the securitizations, has been cited in court cases against the banks. She will write about the foreclosure mess, and also financial-related matters.

Steve Horn: Steve writes for DeSmogBlog, one of the top sites investigating climate change and the shadowy forces aiming to discredit the science. He has written for AlterNet, PR Watch, The Nation, and more. A recent article on uranium enrichment, Iran and Kazakhstan was richly rendered and presented a complicated portrait of modern-day foreign relations and the reasons for the hype around the Iranian nuclear program. He will be writing about a variety of issues, but I’m sure environmental issues will take center stage.

Chris Liebenthal: I very much wanted to elevate a state blogger and showcase some of the great and often unrewarded work that goes on there. With the Wisconsin recalls in full swing, I thought that would be a great place to start. Chris has his own blog called Cognitive Dissidence, and he is one of the leading experts in the blogosphere on Walkergate, the continuing investigation into corruption at Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County executive office and on his gubernatorial campaign. It’s a really deep story with a lot of tentacles, and I hope Chris can make sense of it for you.

I trust that these great writers will more than make up for my absence and present a new array of opinions and viewpoints in the next two weeks. Welcome them to FDL News!

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David Dayen

David Dayen