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Gold Diggers & Trophy Wives

Per Digby, smart person because she wears glasses SE Cupp explains why Ann Romney is the Mormon Anna Nicole Smith:

Progressives like Hilary Rosen, who lambasted Ann Romney on economic issues for being a stay-at-home mom, would presumably prefer women to be dependent on the state for health care and housing .

But by marrying wealthy, Ann made a truly empowering decision that allowed her the freedom to do whatever she wanted. And she did it, by all accounts, without sacrificing the really important stuff, marrying someone she loved.

And what a catch she found in Mitt Romney, a good, churchgoing guy who worked hard to achieve huge success.

But don’t hold your breath for the choruses of “You go, girl!” from the feminists. Apparently, picking a good provider is only okay in political mates, not domestic ones.

Yeah, feminazis! Why don’t you understand that you have two choices in life: marry a rich guy or become just another poor on the welfare. That DIY stuff? That’s for losers. And lesbians.

Ah, well. Too many ladies and not enough Donald Trumps, Rush Limbaughs , and Larry Kings. Just close your eyes and think of Prada…

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