In case anyone forget … well reality … (at 304, but has not been updated since Nov. 17, 2011).

Oh Osterity, will you ever change?  Rhetorical question of course.  There is no Osterity v3.0.  There’s no Osterity v2.0.  There is only Osterity, the one, the only, the craven sellout to the 1%.  From the beginning he has always been so.  And will continue to be so.  History has a clear example of what happens when Corporatist Dems get a 2nd term:  ladies and germs, Mr. Slick Willy Clinton.  Welfare “reform”.  And of course he was also working with Newt back then, behind the scenes of course (wouldn’t want the serfs to know), to give SS to the 1% (How Monica Lewinsky Saved Social Security: Clinton, Gingrich, Bowles and “The Pact”).  We all know O will win.  The 1% have found the perfect pawn, even better than Clinton.  With Osterity, they can gut SS, and many Dems will actually cheer and applaud the “fiscal responsibility”.

But wait, Osterity already did more for the 1% than you can imagine: Growth of Income Inequality Is Worse Under Obama than Bush.  (Oh bloody hell, … cue the sound of impending doom.)

The data on inequality shows that his policies are not incrementally better than those of his predecessor, or that we’re making progress too slowly, as liberal Democrats like to argue.  It doesn’t even show that the outcome is the same as Bush’s.  No, look at this table, from Emmanuel Saez (h/t Ian Welsh).  Check out those two red circles I added.

[table at]

Yup, under Bush, the 1% captured a disproportionate share of the income gains from the Bush boom of 2002-2007.  They got 65 cents of every dollar created in that boom, up 20 cents from when Clinton was President.  Under Obama, the 1% got 93 cents of every dollar created in that boom.  That’s not only more than under Bush, up 28 cents.  In the transition from Bush to Obama, inequality got worse, faster, than under the transition from Clinton to Bush.  Obama accelerated the growth of inequality.

[my bolding]

I don’t know what the 1% have promised Osterity, but whatever it is, it ain’t enough.  Look at those numbers.  Best 1% pawn EVER!  There’s no comparison.  The D branch of the corporatist party has performed admirably for their masters.  Better even then under Bush and his flock of Repubs.  In case anyone missed it: We ain’t slowing down, … we’re speeding up.  Bus, meet cliff.  Cliff, say hello to bus.  America … kiss your sweet ass goodbye.

So let’s look at three recent policy choices that are going somewhere.1) President Obama is on the verge of approving a Free Trade deal with Colombia, despite the murder of union organizers in that country.  Not content with establishing similar deals with Panama (which has to do with enlarging tax havens) and South Korea, the administration is now embarking on a much vaster Trans-Pacific Partnership deal with countries all over Asia.  And it’s being negotiated entirely in secret, with corporate and government officials the only ones allow to be in the room.  Trade is a significant driver of lower wages.

2) President Obama just pushed for and signed the JOBS Act, which is a substantial relaxation of regulations and accounting requirements on corporations seeking to go public.  Bill Black has many four letter words to describe this bill, but it’s basically a license for Wall Street to commit fraud in the equity markets.  The SEC is beginning to promulgate instructions on how this will work.

3) President Obama just refused to issue an executive order forcing campaign spending disclosure by government contractors.  President Obama actually criticized the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United at a State of the Union address, but as with yesterday’s speech on raising taxes on millionaires, there was actually no there there.

Speeding up some more?  Oh ya, baby.  Just grab onto something.  Or try to jump up the millisecond before the bus hits the ground (momentum is not real, it’s a west-coast liberal elitist ploy, … Rush said so).


More on the homefront: Mark Ames: Death By Foreclosure Killings and Staff Sgt. Roger Bales.

This past Thursday, a Modesto, California, man whose house was in foreclosure shot and killed the Sheriff’s deputy and the locksmith who came to evict him from his condominium unit. Modesto authorities responded by sending 100 police and SWAT snipers to counter-attack, and it ended Waco-style, with the fourplex structure burning to the ground with the shooter inside.

It’s not surprising that this should happen in Modesto: Last year the Central California city’s foreclosure rate was the third worst in the country, with one in every 19 properties filing for foreclosure.  The entire region is ravaged by unemployment, budget cuts, and blight — the only handouts that Modesto is seeing are the surplus military equipment stocks being dumped into the Modesto police department’s growing arsenal.

But but, it’s not on the Corporate Media, … so like that weird lonely tree in the forest that no one hears … it never happened!

The shooter who died was 45 years old and he appears to have lost his condominium over a $15,000 home equity loan he took out almost a decade ago, owed to Bank of America. The condo was sold at an auction for just $12,988 to a shady firm, R&T Financial, that doesn’t even have a listed contact number. Too much for the former security guard, who barricaded himself in the condo which had been in the family for decades. He refused to walk out alive.

Heavily armed citizenry.  Police/Military (when did the line get his blurry?) armed to the teeth.  What could possibly go wrong?

These “death by foreclosure” killings have been going on, quietly, around the country ever since the housing swindle first unraveled. Like the story of the 64-year-old Phoenix man whose daughter and grandson were preparing to move in with him after losing their home to foreclosure — only to get a knock on his door surprising him with an eviction notice on the house he’d owned for over 30 years. Bank of America foreclosed on him despite his attempts to work out a fair plan.


the old man grabbed a .357 and a beer, walked outside into a sea of Phoenix cops and snipers, and fired his gun off until they cut him down in a hail of bullets.

DBF (“Death by foreclosure”).  The new listing under cause of death.  It follows on the list after cancers of various kinds, including the cancer of capitalism.  More DBF:

A former Chillicothe couple facing eviction from their Athens County home was found dead in their house Monday morning in an apparent murder/suicide.Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly reported Robert T. Nusser, 68, and his wife, Paulette Nusser, 64, were found dead in their home at about 9:35 a.m. Monday.


The department received a call at 8:59 a.m. from a male resident at 10270 Alderman Road in Athens saying there was a murder/suicide at his home and that “I’m the one who caused it.”

Deputies entered the home at 9:35 a.m. and found Robert dead in a living room chair with a single gunshot wound and Paulette dead in a bed with a single gunshot wound.

RIP buddy.  In this America, that may have been your best option.  Because in this America of individualism, we’re all on our own.

“He just looked at him and said, ‘What am I supposed to do? Where am I going to go?'” Kelly said.

We’re all on our own.  The government works for the thieves.  They’re in on it.  And the police are really good at “just following orders”.  More DBF:

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Police officers shot a man several times Friday morning after he set his foreclosed townhouse on fire, according to the Pembroke Pines Police Department.WPLG-TV reported that a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy went to a townhouse at 738 SW 107th Ave. to serve an eviction notice about 11 a.m.

The real estate agent for the property confirmed the man inside the home was Allen Gauntlett, 52, who had lost the home to foreclosure after owing $10,000 in homeowners’ dues and fees.

It’s not personal.  It’s just business.  Sorry buddy, you’re a “loser” in America.  You never really had a chance.  Don’t worry, most of us don’t.  How about some more DBF? (here, here, here, here)  Reading too many of these stories is not good for one’s mental health.

“We eat our own.”