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  • “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that ‘some optimism has returned’ to the global economy and has predicted slightly faster growth. The IMF revised world economic growth for 2012 to 3.5%, up from its previous forecast of 3.3%.”
  • “When it rains in Spain these days, it truly pours misery. Argentina announced on Monday that it is planning to nationalise an oil company, YPF, in which a Spanish firm, Repsol, has a majority stake. Coming at a time when the government in Madrid has just rammed through the most severe budget since the death of General Franco, this must feel like an economic insult for Spain on top of already intolerable injury.”
  • “The United States is to relax some financial sanctions against Burma. It will now allow financial transactions in support of certain humanitarian and non-profit activities. The US treasury department made the announcement on Tuesday, as part of attempts to reward democratic reforms that are under way in the country.”
  • “The fallout from the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida has forced the controversial rightwing lobbying network the American Legislative Exchange Council, Alec, to make a strategic retreat from its widely condemned involvement in social and electoral issues.”
  • “A letter detailing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s demands for restarting peace talks has been handed to Israel’s prime minister. Palestinian officials gave the document to Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting in Jerusalem, at which both sides said they were ‘committed to reach peace’.”
  • “The Obama administration has set extraordinarily high goals in its fight against AIDS around the world. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said late last year that an ‘AIDS-free generation’ is possible. And President Obama promised last December that the number of US-supported AIDS patients on treatment would rise to 6 million by the end of next year, up from the current 4 million. So why did the administration submit a fiscal year 2013 budget that called for a $550 million reduction — an 11 percent cut — in its global AIDS program?”
  • “The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has said he would act as a mediator in the Syrian conflict, in his first international interview for six years.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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Why do we have to listen to ole looking has beens like Ted NoGent anyway. He said if Obama is re - elected he will either be dead or in jail. It sounds like a win, win situation for me.Face it loser, you're a has been, so sit down and shut up!