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Hypocritical Poutrage: the GSA and Secret Service Scandals

The M$M and Congress have been all aflutter about the General Services Administration(GSA) spending around $830,000 on a convention in Las Vegas and Secret Service agents and military members consorting with prostitutes in Colombia. I call bullshit.

First, the GSA. Yes, it was an abuse of tax dollars. But when I see a Congresscritter(sorry, I don’t remember his name, it was on the news before I was sufficiently caffeinated and the Google failed to provide results in ten minutes) standing up and saying “The era of slush funds is over. This will result in jail time!,” or words to that effect, I think, “You’ve gotta be freakin’ ¬†kidding me!”

THIS Congress? Or even the last several Congresses, daring to go on about slush funds and jail time for wasting tax dollars? The same people who bailed out Wall Street and the banks using over a trillion tax dollars are upset about a federal agency blowing less than a million on letting its interns party down? The same Administration that refused to prosecute the likes of AIG executives and Jamie Dimon is willing to press criminal charges against a few partying bureaucrats? The same people who spend hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons systems we don’t need and the military doesn’t even want, the same people who spend even more on multiple wars that do nothing to enhance our national security, are crying about a big party in Vegas? The same people who spend hundreds of billions on (insert your worthless piece of shit expense here) are crying about this? The same people who hold $10,000 a plate fundraisers and accept massive amounts of corporate money for their campaigns are crying foul over THIS?

Hmmm. Something about motes and beams and eyes, he without sin casting first stones, and glass houses come to mind.

And then the hoopla over Secret Service agents paying to get laid? If these guys were stimulating the Colombian economy in the oldest transaction known to humanity on their own money and their own time, who the hell cares? The sanctimonious handwringing over this one makes me want to go use the vomitorium.

And the media! My, they are SO predictable, aren’t they? ANYTHING that distracts attention away from the rising inequality of wealth and corporate control of our government and our growing discontent with the same is blasted at us from our TV screens and computer monitors.

Again, I call bullshit. Now I will go have a beer. Happy Wednesday, everyone.



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