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Chatting online about nuclear doomsdays

I’m looking forward to joining the FireDogLake community Book Salon on Sunday, April 22nd! Many issues to talk about, the latest news from Japan is actually terrifying… but also I hope we can talk about some more broad, philosophical themes. Like, how come scientists, not philosophers, take all the decisions?

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Martin Cohen is a philosopher and social scientist and author of 8 popular books and has been translated into around 20 languages. His most recent books are Mind Games (Blackwell-Wiley 2010) and Philosophy for Dummies (UK edition, Wiley 2011). He wrote an influential series of articles in the Times Higher (London) arguing that Climate Change politics was based on corrupted science and irrational thinking.

During the 1980s he was one of the first to highlight water quality issues in Europe and wrote an influential briefing paper on the topic for the European Parliament. In the 1990s he was instrumental in reversing a controversial decision to build a motorway through the Yorkshire Moors in the north of England, and in 2002 he was invited by the Chinese governent to Yunnan to explain how environmental rights and indigenous communities rights needed to be treated both seriously and holisitcally.