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Watercooler: Siren Songs

Hi y’all. I’m guest editing on MyFDL for a couple days. I hope you have been enjoying your reading here today.

Lately it seems like we are having political conversations repeat themselves which we should have finished long ago. The War on Women’s rights is the first example that comes to mind, which features a repeat of issues which should have been settled long ago.

Revisiting familiar themes isn’t always a bad thing. Let’s look at one example in music, Song to the Siren, which the Guardian described as an “irresistible” classic in an article that traces its history from Tim Buckley to ubiquitous cover song.

Here’s the original, but after the fold I’ll put some other more diverse versions. What are your favorite cover songs recently? What conversations are you sick of having over & over?

I’m teaching a twitter class around the time this post will go live, so if I don’t reply to your comments right away, check back later.

The classic by Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins as This Mortal Coil:

An offering by Sinead O’Connor:

Here’s Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music:

And of course I’d have to give up my Occupy Wall Street membership card if I didn’t include some dubstep here.

There’s a gazillion more of course. Has anyone compiled a list of covers by major artists? I had a link like that once, but lost it.

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