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Upstairs, Downstairs – More Freaky DARPA Robots

My fascination-cum-repulsion with DARPA championed robots continues. Like the Cheetah and the Nano Drones I wrote about, this stair master thing just freaks me out:

If that thing ever came up the stairs at my house, after staring incredulously at it and wasting valuable survival time doing so, I’d kick that thing in, in…, in the servo REALLY HARD!

Back downstairs with you, foul-yet-undeniably-interesting-in-a-real-freaky-way BEAST!

And uh, can it actually go downstairs? Hmmm? They didn’t show that. The push-up thing was kinda impressive, but until it can do the one-armed kind like Jack Palance, I say “Fie!”

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield