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Romney and NOM Fanning Hostility Against Israel

When the so-called National Organization for Marriage recently — once again — took its anti-gay intimidation campaign international with a Starbucks boycott — (inciting to violence against LGBTers, as well as against Starbucks employees and property) — only because Starbucks supports human rights for gay people — it translated its anti-gay hate speech into Arabic and posted it on the internet.

Subsequently, Saudi Arabia banned known gay people from all schools and universities.

“The Kingdom” is infamous for indiscriminate violence against gay people, carried out by Saudi authorities. It should be lost on nobody that standard-issue Arab propaganda against Israel has it that all homosexuality in the Middle East is Israel’s “fault.” Those who suffer most from that, are gay people living in Arab countries; not that NOM would care about their human rights. However, additionally, and without doubt, the more NOM reinforces anti-gay bigotry to the Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, the more the gay people in those countries will suffer, and the more anti-gay religious maniacs there will, irrationally, focus on Israel as the “cause” of the “imposition” of homosexuality on them. And, NOM will cause those religious maniac anti-gay bigots to identify Starbucks as a “pro-gay, anti-Muslim” symbol of Israel’s “promoting homosexuality” in the Middle East. The last thing needed is for anybody to encourage such people to think that way, yet, NOM is encouraging them to think that way.

We can be sure NOM is not translating its anti-polygamy arguments into Arabic, or telling Saudis and Kuwaitis that same-sex marriage is a slippery slope to polygamy.  So, now, in addition to abetting anti-gay torture in Saudi Arabia, NOM is abetting and re-strengthening anti-Israel propaganda involving LGBTers’ rights in the Middle East, meaning that NOM will be, in an enduring manner, heightening the risk of violent attacks against the Starbucks in the region. Moreover, Boycott Israel campaigns have also made Starbucks a target, because of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s support for Israel. Schultz personally and directly told NOM officials that supporting equality was an easy decision for the company. NOM is telling that, in Arabic, on the internet, to gay-hating enemies of Israel.

Do you understand what this means, taken altogether?  NOM through innuendo is telling the Muslim-majority countries of the Middle East that the CEO of Starbucks, who is Jewish and an Israel supporter, has ambitions to “impose gay rights on the people in their region.” NOM does not even stop short of advertising why it is targeting the Muslim-majority countries with its gay-bashing message.  The anti-gay-hate-group’s boycott site says: “In many areas of the world where Starbucks does business, the concept of ‘gay marriage’ is unheard of and deeply offensive to cultural, moral and religious values.” NOM literally is telling the world that it thinks that religion-and-hatred-based torture of gay human beings is better than Israel’s respect for gay people’s lives and rights. NOM is fanning Arab nations’ gay-rights-based hostilities against Israel. That NOM is not specifically directing its anti-gay hatred against Israel matters not, as NOM knows, or should know, how Israel’s sworn enemies use its support for gay rights against it. What NOM is doing in the Middle East is the equivalent of going into Inquisition Spain and arguing against the human rights of Muslims and Jews. The Catholic Church, which supports NOM, also supported, planned and carried out the Inquisition. The Spanish monarchy and the Church had ambitions for making the Inquisition global.

NOM has a long-established history of inciting to violence against LGBTers.  In May, 2011, at a NOM anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx, a NOM-approved speaker told the mob that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”  Long before she became involved in oppressing gay human beings by disparaging their marriages, NOM’s Maggie Gallagher said that she was not “willing” to live in a country that extends anti-discrimination protections to gay people.  NOM mastermind Robert George is on the Board of the Family Research Council, an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group.  When a US Congressman proposed a congressional resolution against the “Kill the Gays” law in Uganda, NOM’s George’s FRC spent $25,000 lobbying against the congressional resolution, on the grounds that it constituted “pro-homosexual promotion.”

All that is to say that NOM’s head agrees; people must not say that killing human beings is wrong, because if they do, they will be “promoting homosexuality.” NOM made a promotional video with Florida public school teacher Jerry Buell, who told his class that gays should be allowed to serve in the military, at the front lines with hetero troops deserting them from behind, i.e. the only good gay is a dead gay. NOM is using the teacher who did that, to promote itself and to stimulate financial donations from gay bashing bigots. (As I write, news has arrived that in Iowa, 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuth, Jr. fell victim to bullycide.

After he came out, some of his fellow students gave him death threats. Others set up an anti-gay hate page on Facebook and placed his friends in the group, to isolate them from him. He told his mother “Mom, you don’t know how it feels to be hated.” He was perpetually, criminally harassed in the school, but all the school did was to issue “warnings” to his tormentors.  NOM spent the summer of 2011 criss-crossing Iowa, fanning the flames of anti-gay hatred there, getting Republican candidates to sign the malicious anti-gay NOM pledge. Iowa has been a target for NOM’s gay-bashing wrath ever since equality became law there.

NOM sponsors hate-rallies where NOM-approved speakers tell people that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” How does NOM think young people who hear that kind of thing will react to young gay people in their midst? The truth is, NOM aims to keep gay people intimidated and in second-class-citizen status, here and in the Middle East. NOM is not wholly displeased when a gay youth who refused to pretend he was not gay kills himself. Remember; NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is on record, saying she is “unwilling” to live in a country with anti-discrimination protections for gay people.  NOM’s Robert George is on record with the Supreme Court, saying that gay people should be jailed for their intimacy. What effect does that sentiment have on a young gay person?)

Polygamy is legal and practiced in Saudi Arabia, as well as in countries where NOM is actively boycotting Starbucks, including Kuwait. So much for “one man, one woman” marriage. So much, also, for NOM’s oft-repeated canard that same-sex marriage legalization is not permissible because it is a “slippery slope” to polygamy. NOM, of course, is not without its glaring multiple hypocrisies on polygamy, used as weapons against innocent gay couples.  Maggie Gallagher has stated that polygamy is better than “gay marriage,” on the grounds that heterosexual polygamous families headed by a male are better than same-sex married couples for eventual children being raised.  Gallagher the anti-gay bigot and hypocrite later claimed she had never said anything negative about gay parents.

As I have previously put it, this is classic Gallagher, lying through her teeth while talking out both sides of her gay-bashing bigot mouth. Take note that NOM is working the polygamy thing against gay human beings, from both ends. On the one hand, same sex marriage can’t be allowed because it would lead to polygamy. On the other hand, polygamy is better for the kids than are same-sex couples, and therefore, same-sex marriage can’t be allowed, not even for gay couples with no children.

And, NOM goes into Kuwait, without a peep of complaint about the legalized polygamy there, to incite to additional violence against gay Kuwaitis, and against Starbucks employees and property, as if there were the remotest possibility of same sex marriage becoming legal in Kuwait, where clerics appear on TV saying that homosexuals should be thrown off tall buildings or tortured in public “to serve as a lesson to others.”

Quite possibly, NOM’s leaders would say that too in the United States, if they felt the society here would approve of it.  Robert George says that homosexuality is “beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures,” and that gay people should be jailed for their intimacy. NOM supports Michele Bachmann, who in turn takes political support from, and gives money to, Bradley Dean, who says that Muslim nations that kill known homosexuals are more “moral” than the United States. In a disturbing echo of Saudi Arabia’s current ban on known gay students, George is against sexual-orientation-specific anti-bullying protections in schools.

Mitt Romney signed the NOM “pledge”, and donated $10,000 to NOM, apparently with no concern about NOM’s incitements to anti-gay violence. NOM, by the way, is now being sued over alleged illegalities involving Romney’s $10,000 donation to NOM. Republican candidate Fred Karger has called for Romney to renounce NOM and its hateful pledge; not  a peep has been heard from Romney. Romney is now politically in league with an organization fanning hostility against Israel in Muslim-majority countries. There is no getting around that as a fact. Israel is, for the region, liberal towards its LGBTers. Its enemies make that a specific propaganda point against Israel, and blame all homosexuality in their countries on Israel.  I repeat, so the point is not lost; Romney is politically in league with a rabid anti-gay hate group which, as a third party, is fanning hostilities against Israel and is directly endangering the lives of gay human beings  — and Starbucks employees and property — across the Middle East. That political behavior is directly at odds with the spirit of Hillary Clinton’s universal gay rights speech delivered in Geneva, which was received disapprovingly by the Republican establishment and many Muslim-majority countries. Speaker John Boehner recently appointed NOM’s Robert George to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom; George is hostile to the religious freedom of clergy who wish to marry gay couples. (George is now on that Commission, even though his anti-gay hate group NOM, as a third party, is fanning gay-rights-based hostilities against Israel). In the U.S., Ivy League schools had a shameful history of expelling known gay students. Given all of Princeton Professor Robert George’s gay-bashing bigotry, it is hardly a stretch to think he would support expelling gay students from Ivy League schools, were that still policy.

NOM’s internal documents released through court order describe strategies of fanning hostilities against gay human beings by pitting other minorities against them, in order to hurt them. NOM does not care who it has to hurt — not even if it hurts Israel, and vulnerable gay people in Kuwait and across the Middle East — in order to achieve its hateful ends. The leading Republican candidate for president of the United States should not be politically in league with an anti-gay hate group that is, as a third party, fanning hostilities against Israel, and directly endangering the lives of gay human beings across the Middle East. Just as Bush recklessly attacked Iraq, motivating Iraq to fire missiles into Israel, and worsening conditions for LGBT Iraqis, (not to mention, for Iraqi Christians), Romney is politically and materially helping to empower NOM to act with depraved indifference for the security of Israel and of LGBTers — and Starbucks employees and property — all across the Middle East.

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