Barack Obama has turned his attacks on our public institutions to the United States Postal Service a the leadership of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) is still supporting Obama for re-election; go figure.

But, wait!

The NALC is going even further than supporting Obama; they are going along with Obama’s plans to run the United States Postal Service like one of the businesses Romney would manage to extract maximum profits instead of understanding that the oldest and very successful public institution works so well because it is a public institution operated as a public service and not as a profit-making corporation.

The United States Postal Service should be expanding its services not reducing services and closing down post offices.

1. The USPS should become a public Internet Service Provider with low fees of around $10.00 a month; commercial fees much higher. Most of the Internet is already subsidized by tax-payers. Making the USPS an Internet Service Provider would be a perfect fit for the United States Postal Service.

2. The USPS should contain Internet Cafes as additions to its local offices so Post Offices become community centers.

3. The cost of regular postage should be reduced and the cost of commercial advertising rates should increase.

4. The USPS should include local branches of a National Bank modeled after the State Bank of North Dakota.

Obama and the Democrats should be blamed for this massive attack of the USPS which I think is our oldest public institution.

But no doubt the Democrats and their union partners will end up finding a way to blame the Republicans.

Talk to your mail carrier about the way to save the USPS is by maintaining it as a public enterprise service instead of turning it into another “free enterprise” racket just like everything else in this country.

Once again, Obama is moving in the wrong direction with his attack on the United States Postal Service which he demagogically passes off as a “reform.”

Once again, there is no concern about spending on wars but somehow it makes no sense for government to subsidize the United States Postal Service.


Do you buy this crap that the USPS should be judged by Obama to Romney’s standard of “profitability?”


Alan Maki

Alan Maki