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  • “Overlooking violence against Colombian labor leaders and ongoing efforts to prevent unions from forming, the Obama administration announced at the Summit of the Americas over the weekend that the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement will take effect May 15.”
  • “An influential Chinese journal has reprinted comments from China’s premier calling for tougher anti-corruption rules, as a political scandal deepens. Wen Jiabao said corruption was the greatest threat to the ruling party.”
  • “A national movement to save public education is coming to life, in the face of a decades-long bipartisan campaign to discredit, de-fund, destabilized and destroy public education. President Bush’s Education Secretary said teachers unions were terrorist organizations. Obama’s man Arne Duncan believes Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to education in New Orleans. Is it time yet to dump, and to dump on Arne Duncan?”
  • “The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has blamed intelligence failures, especially by Nato, for an 18-hour siege of the capital, Kabul, and simultaneous attacks across eastern Afghanistan that the Taliban said they had rehearsed for months using mock-up buildings.”
  • “A would-be shoe bomber has become the first UK terrorist to have his sentence cut after co-operating with prosecutors and agreeing to give evidence against a terror suspect in a US trial.”
  • “Forget the allegations of a costly encounter between the Secret Service and Colombian hookers. It was US diplomacy that paid the steepest price at this weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Cartagena.”
  • “Imagine a post-drug war world. After decades of brutal violence, huge costs and corrupting cartels, the Americas are trying to picture it. They produce and ship the bulk of the cocaine that enters the US, the world’s top user. Now leaders are discussing alternatives to the war on drugs, such as decriminalizing parts of the drug trade. Some, including the president of gang-embattled Guatemala, see a viable future in legally regulating the drug trade. The taboo is broken. ‘Legalize it’ is gaining ground.”

  • “President Obama’s vast escalation of drone warfare is ‘a declaration of war against international law, as it has evolved over the centuries.’ He systematically wages war against peace, the highest international crime. More than ‘just another “war president” – he is a destroyer of world civilization, the terms by which humans deal with one another as states, social groupings and individuals’.”
  • Robert Fisk: “Saad Tahr Hussein rushes me through the narrow alleyway towards Mutanabbi Street, where the concrete wall in front of the central bank hems in the pedestrians. About a thousand Iraqis briefly see – or don’t notice – the sly shade of a Brit as he stumbles down the alley. Then, in the square where the statue of old Marouf al-Rasafi, poet and history-debunker under British colonial rule, glares at the crowds, we turn left into the street of books.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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