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Romney’s weak ideas for a war on progressives

According to news sources, Romney wants to make substantial cuts at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and to make the Department of Education a “heck of a lot smaller,” but not eliminate the department completely since he wants it to push back against teachers’ unions.

So how is Obama using the Dept of Ed to HELP teacher’s unions?

Romney also reportedly said he would probably eliminate the second-home mortgage deduction for high-income earners – now there is a lot of pain and a lot of new taxes from the 7 figure income crowd – but then it might actually get passed compared to any “I refused to allow the Clinton rates to return for all” Obama proposal.

And Romney wants to make funding education more painful by cutting the deduction for real estate taxes, as well as hurt those states that are progressive and have a state income tax by eliminating its use as a deduction.

But of course these are just ideas until focused groups approve, and don’t represent any official policy proposals.

Compared to the Obama refusal to allow the Clinton tax rates to return for all – with new laws to reduce taxes from those levels for the middle class – and his war on progressives – on Americans – with his pretend forced agreement on grand compromises that screw Social Security and Medicare and protect health insurance companies against single payer with budget controls. the Romney war on progressives is pretty weak. And Romney would not offer elected Democrats the political cover of supporting a Democratic president as they did the bidding of the rich and corporate.

So just why should we not vote 3rd party – can anyone think of a single likely Supreme Court decision that will go the progressive way if Obama gets a few more appointments – or of any rich and corporate idea that will not be approved by our Courts post 4 more years of Obama?

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