Never Mind Taco Tuesday, It’s Mexican Monday!

Remember last week when Barack Obama was job-murdering all of the ladies as part of his Kill The Women, Let Muslim Jesus Sort Them Out war? Remember How he sent ninja lesbian Hilary Rosen after Ann Romney for just sitting around the house all day eating bonbons, listening to Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train” and pooping out man-babies for her big handsome working man? (Undignified!) Remember that?

If nothing else, Romney was on message in Hartford. The focus was the performance of the economy under President Obama and how it has impacted women. During a carefully staged, 20-minute event, that was his sole topic.

“I was disappointed in listening to the president as he’s saying, ‘Oh, the Republicans are waging a war on women.’ The real war on women is being waged by the president’s failed economic policies,” Romney said.

Women account for 92.3 percent of the jobs lost during the Obama administration, Romney said, holding a mini-poster labeled, “Women and the Obama Economy.”

“Now the president says, ‘Oh, I didn’t cause this recession.’ That’s true. He just made it worse and made it last longer. And because it lasted longer, more and more women lost jobs.”

Romney wore a dark suit, though he slipped off his coat and rolled up the sleeves of his starched white shirt before grabbing a cordless microphone in front of an all-female human backdrop at AlphaGraphic, a female-owned printing franchise. The few men who took a place on the risers disappeared before Romney made his entrance.

Yeah, well that was last week, so … BO-ring. Whataya got this week, delightfully named Reince Priebus? Oh, Mexicans are now the worstest off under el Señor Presidente Barack-o Obama-o:

Mitt Romney and the GOP are suffering from a major gap in the polls with Hispanic voters, who are the fastest-growing part of the electorate. Romney said at a private fundraiser this weekend that those poll numbers “spell doom for us” and needed to be improved.

Priebus admitted that the GOP couldn’t win without improving those numbers, and said they’d do it by arguing Obama “can’t be trusted” to follow through on campaign promises ranging from immigration reform to the DREAM Act to the economy.

“Latinos have been bearing the brunt of the Obama economy,” said Priebus, who also described Obama’s efforts on the DREAM Act and immigration reform as a “goose egg.”

Obviously Mitt Romney is having second thoughts about that whole “self-deportation” thing. (Imagine Ann Romney hollering into an empty 12,000 square foot beach mansion: “Consuela! ¿Dónde está mama’s María la Sangrienta? Consuela…?”)

Needless to say, this is good news for John McCain Salma Hayek….

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