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Boehner, Weeps During Ann Romney Paean; Demands Same Choice for All Moms.

Perhaps under the goad of a temporary insanity produced by the juxtaposition of intense hypocrisy and alcohol, John Boehner was so carried away today that he demanded restoration (plus) of AFDC (at trebled levels of support) so that all women might have access to the noble choice to stay home with their children.

No, he didn’t.

But you see what I mean–The Pugs can’t get out of their own way they are lining up so fast to crap on Hilary Rosen and entering needlepoint classes so they can produce appropriate wall hangings.

Meanwhile, they prod us as a society to force exactly the opposite choice on women of any but the top percentile in family income.

And then they won’t even fund childcare adequately.

What a bunch of hypocritical pricks.

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