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With Love from Adbusters: Spiritual Insurrection

A good Sunday to all of you: I hope you’re all good with the IRS, whichever road you’ve taken.  ;o) You might enjoy listening to Tracy while you read.

I put up a diary the day before yesterday about the spreading realizations that these hard days are about to bring a big shift to the consciousness in people all over the world.  Some days it’s hard to feel; on other days, you can practically smell it and rub the glimmering energy of it between your fingers.

Today feels like that to me, and I wanted to share this game-changer with you.  The Culture Jammers at Adbusters, some of the key midwives of Occupy, have this editorial in their coming issue that made me positively crow with glee.

I can only use a few paragraphs, so I’ll paraphrase a bit.  At the beginning they spoke of their (and our) awakening to the black hole our world is in, ecologically, financially, and spiritually; and that under the thrall of the Corporatocracy’s propaganda and advertising, we have been sleepwalking into insanity.  Then:

“We awoke one morning to the dark realization that humanity is being dragged into a black hole of ecological, financial and spiritual catastrophe … that our democracy has been seized by a corporatocracy … that every day two hundred species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become forever extinct … that a deluge of advertising is sleepwalking our civilization to the brink of insanity … and that unless we fight back in the most visceral and creative way possible all will be lost.

And yet, what sets our struggle apart in 2012 is that we are not fighting to save a distant future. We are not trying to prevent some terrible event that is still to come. This is not about our unborn grandchildren. Instead, many of us sense that the threshold has already been crossed; the tipping point has already happened and what we are fighting for is our present. We are living in that tragic moment of eerie stillness where the fatal damage has been done, widening cracks can be seen, yet the edifice still stands and business as usual continues … but for how much longer?

Our days may be shadowed by this dark realization, but there is reason to be deeply optimistic for “where danger is, grows the saving power also.” Never before has the tantalizing possibility of a Global Spring, a worldwide people’s insurgency for democracy, seemed as close. For perhaps the first time in human history, we just might be on the edge of an everywhere-at-once revolution against the financial fraudsters, corporate lackeys and the ideology of consumerism that has brought the Earth to the precipice of collapse.

In this, the era of the total and transcendent indignato swarm, we look to each other, not to the masters above, to find out what it will take to pull off the ultimate culture jam: spiritual insurrection.”

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

Much like Cornell West, ‘I am not an optimist, but I am a prisoner of hope.’

Love all those you can, and create community…wherever you are.  Having each others’ backs will be increasing crucial in the months to come.

(h/t to realitychecker, who left the imagery from John on my diary.)  ;o)

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