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Decorah Bald Eagles’ Midnight Owl Intruder

Click here for Decorah Bald Eagles Live Cam.

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Last night, 4/14/2012, at midnight, an owl visited the Decorah Bald Eagle nest quite suddenly. Mom and Dad Eagle were not amused, and they reacted with defensive calls and posturing. Everyone in the nest is fine. This is not Mom and Dad’s first owl visit ever; they had owl intruders last year as well. No birds were hurt in any Decorah owl visit so far. Assuming that the owl is a Great Horned Owl, the Bald Eagle outweighs it and has a larger wing span. To attack the “largest true raptor in North America,” the nighttime hunting owl must then, have a good deal of hunting proficiency. The owl has a specific call that is audible on the clip. (first at 03:10 and again later)

Decorah Eagles Owl Intruder at Midnight 4-14-12 11:52pm CDT

Folks, I have just noticed on my site that on this video, I am getting a message that says, “Embedding disabled by request. Please watch on YouTube.”

Here is the link, if you get the same message:

Here is a clip from last year’s owl visit:

Decorah Eagle gets attacked by Owl Second night in a row

Also, at the Raptor Resource Blog site is a report of failure of a nest in Colorado, where two babies died of the cold following a storm, as well as a discussion on nest intervention, titled Fort St. Vrain Colorado Bald Eagle Nest Fails. Raptor Resource explains that the nest was very remote and could not be safely accessed.

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