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Hey, Prez (you worthless punk…). Take on the Hyde Amendment face on. Watch the country tilt from women’s weight

Dating back to somewhere in the seventies, a totally unconstitutional and certainly illegal and discriminatory strangle hold has been placed upon the right of women who are otherwise covered for legal medical procedures, to access their insurance for abortion services.


It may, parenthetically, have been to protect this equal protection violation that the ERA was so adamently opposed by the forces of the Patriarchy.


Anyway, it's really a good time to take this thing head one, and force Repugnants to out themselves. 


It is an outrage that a serving soldier can't use her military doctor if she chooses to end a pregnancy.


Fuck this shit, Prez.  Walk point on an issue that can only be good tactics, good strategy, good policy, and good politics.


All you need is some stones.

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