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A vote for Pres Obama…!


Catchy title huh?  Looks like some crap you will find over at dailykos or huffpo.

Thanks to Mr. Alan Maki for providing with me with a shot of inspirational outrage to write this short diary.  I just learned that communists are supporting Pres Obama! Lol!  As usual his post was  informative, accurate, and straight to the point.

Communists supporting Obama? LOL!   I guess words really have lost ALL meaning.

A vote for Obama is a vote for his CONservative/NeoLiberal policies.   Period.

In addition it puts a stamp of approval on fake liberalism and progressivism and puts a nail in the coffin of any real progressive voices.

I’m not down with that, not now and not ever.  I like how folks try to say ‘well Dims lost the
house in 2010? like that’s an excuse for every sell out and backstab Obama and
the Dims did BEFORE 2010 elections. It takes either an extremely low memory
MoFragger or an extremely disengenuous MoFragger to try and run that nonsense
past the smell test.

When we cast our votes in 2012 we should remember many things, a few key things to remember are:

1.  With a DImocratic President, House and Senate these DImocratic ‘public servants’ somehow managed to NOT pass a budget….putting the Rethugs in a power position, just ouitright handing the Rethugs the fear mongering spectacle of the debt ceiling to use as a blunt instrument.  This coordinated move allowed the Dims to sellout with ‘digninty’ on issues like the budget, social programs, the Bush/Obama tax cuts etc.

2. The Affordable Care Act, ( You Know; the legislation they used as an additional excuse as to why they couldn’t work on anything else)  was a con job and a giveaway to for profit insurance companies from the word go.

3. The new ‘JOBS Act’ passed in a Bipartisany fashion is Gauranteed to bring about the next shakedown of the working class.

I mean really…..I ain’t the smartest man in the world but  Damn!  What do they have to do?  Come and rob me at gun point before I get the message that all they care about is finding a way to take money from me and other working class people and give it to rich folks?

My Philosophy

Either vote 3rd party progressive or sit down, shut up and enjoy the screwings you are sure to receive at the hands of the Uniparty corporatists you have voted for.

Fire away!

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