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This pro-Obama position seems to be held by many liberals, progressives and leftists. What do you think?

There are a lot of topics for discussion in this essay by Jarvis Tyner who is a Vice-chair of the Obama supporting Communist Party USA leadership:

Tyner begins by stating a very reasonable and logical position:

“I’m not one who thinks elections don’t matter nor do I believe they are diversions from making fundamental change.”

Tyner then makes the ridiculous claim:

“In 2008, the election changed the political landscape for the better and opened the possibility for great change.”

Tyner then goes on to make the most ludicrous and contradictory claims and assumptions continuing to be led by Obama and the Democrats sucked into their fear-mongering as the basis for making the mistake of supporting Obama, again, as if once hasn’t been more than enough.

In fact, the election did not change the political landscape even though there was great potential to do so— but, potential and what took place are two entirely different things.

In fact, instead of using the¬†occasions surrounding the pre-election campaign to mobilize people and prepare people to bring about this desired change in the political landscape Tyner and the “leadership” of the CPUSA were led around by Obama and the Democrats like an old dairy cow with a ring through her nose with a rope connected being led off to slaughter.

Let’s have a conversation about this essay.

Notice that Tyner never asks the most basic and fundamental any honest liberal, progressive or leftists would have to ask working class voters in campaigning for Obama’s re-election:

How is Barack Obama’s Wall Street war economy working for you?

This is a very fair question to ask of anyone votes and support for Obama are being solicited from.

I am sending a link to Tyner suggesting that he participates in a discussion of his essay.


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