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NOM claims ‘militant same-sex marriage activists’ hacked web, social media sites

Oh please, it’s so predictable that Brian Brown and Co. would turn this week’s pitiful online security nightmare into a fundraising opportunity, blaming the LGBT community

Dear Marriage Supporters—

Early this morning, NOM’s online properties were maliciously hacked by militant same-sex marriage activists. They were able to temporarily hijack several of our online properties, including Facebook, Twitter and our blog. Thankfully, our team responded quickly and we have now taken back control of each of these online properties with the exception of the name of our main twitter account, which was stolen and illegally reassigned to a fraudulent Twitter account.

In the case of Twitter, we were able regain control of the account itself—specifically our followers and those we followed—but the “NOMTweets” name was stolen. Please be aware that our account now goes by the name@NOMUpdate. Any tweets made under the @NOMTweets identifier are NOT from NOM. Further, please check your individual Twitter accounts to see if @NOMTweets is following you or you them, and take the appropriate action in those cases.

We will have more information to follow in the coming days. Our opponents have dedicated substantial and coordinated resources to attack NOM, and this cyberattack is the latest incident in an increasingly virulent war against NOM and the work that all of us are doing together.

We will be aggressively pursuing legal action against those who perpetrated this illegal attack.

The battle of principles and ideas has now escalated into an all-out tech war, as our opponents seek to isolate and silence not only NOM, but each of us who believe in marriage. It takes significant resources—time, talent and money—to make your voice heard, especially when others are working so hard to silence us.

Right now we have a critical window with a matching challenge grant of $200,000. Through email, our blog, Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of thousands of Americans will see this message over the next 48 hours.

I am asking each of you to stand with us right now, with whatever you can afford to give. Please click here to make your gift of $25, $50, or even $500 or more right now.

* Meltdown at NOM: Twitter, Facebook, web site taken over by pro-equality gremlin

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding