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Guns and Women

The Brady Campaign posted the results of a recent poll which indicates American women especially oppose guns in public. All this hearkens back to one of my most popular posts: Guns and Women, sometimes referred to as “guns are bad news for women.”

Lake’s survey found a sizable gender gap in the data, with 63 percent of women feeling less safe with allowing open carry. The gap, of 49 points between the net attitudes of men and women, represents “one of the largest divides seen on current issues,” the researchers explained.

The women who responded negatively to guns in public in this poll come from the suburbs, the cities and the farms of this country. They come in shades of black, white, and brown. They are affluent, low-income, and jobless, young and elderly. And they have a potent message: Politicians who are doing the bidding of the gun lobby, and businesses who worry about offending gun rights extremists should look at this data and be aware that there is potentially a large price to pay with voters and customers alike.

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