Obama’s history on GLBT struggles is a consistent history of betrayals, half steps and lies dictated by his contradictory impulses to consistently pander to christian bigots on the one hand and his need to fool GLBT voters on the other. 

If you remember, Obama started out pretending to be for marriage equality but quickly changed his mind, hoping that betraying us would net him the support of lots of mostly EuroAmerican religious bigots. It did.

He pursued his pandering strategy during his time in the Senate never offering to fight for GLBT rights. In 2007 while the Democrats were gutting ENDA and letting DADT and DOMA repeal slip through the cracks he silently assented. Neither he, Hillary Clinton of Biden wanted to be identified with our struggles. 

In 2008 to continued to pump the bigot community for votes, hiring anti-equality bigots Donnie McClurkin and Joshua DuBois to run his bigot – read ‘christian’ – outreach programs and promoting DNC bigot Leah Daughtry to chair the Democrats convention. She promptly erased all signs of support for LGBT politics from their platform. 

The best we got was a reach round from Obama who said he was behind us, but we already knew from the multiple knife wounds and tire tracks on our backs. 

Obama sabotaged marriage equality in California with ‘gawd’s in the mix’ and went on to feature one of the authors of the ‘kill the gays’ effort in Uganda, bigot Rick Warren, at this inaugural. 

For the first three years in office Obama constantly defended DADT and DOMA in court and only stopped in the aftermath of the March on Washington which turned out to be an unexpectedly large huge anti-Obama rally, causing Obama and his backers to wet themselves. The March forced Congress to push through the Hate Crimes bill which Obama hastily signed. Planning on long wars of conquest in Afghanistan and elsewhere requiring lots of cannon fodder he finally, timidly came out against Democrat Bill Clintons DADT. 

Obama persistently refuses to take the need for the passage of ENDA and the repeal of Democrat Bill Clintons DOMA seriously. He’s a bigot and doesn’t deserve a shred of our respect or support. 

If you’re in a union or an Occupy group move to oppose the candidacies of Obama and Romney. On November 6th, if you took one too many demented civics classes and feel you just have to vote then refuse to waste your vote on bigots like Obama and Romney. Vote left or just sit it out.

Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue